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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

Deligence of a Kalinga

Deligence of a Kalinga Woman. Carefully, an elderly woman in Kalinga gathers bundles of rice left for drying on the grasses. A total of 9 units multi-purpose pavement were constructed in Pinukpuk, Kalinga with financial assistance from Makamasang Tugon* village water systems, Communal Irrigation System, multi-purpose building, pathways and footbridges,” Maymaya beamed. The mayor said only the national government can fund these types of projects, since their limited budget has always restrained them from doing so. On supporting Kalahi-CIDSS Tinglayan has played an important role in weaving its communities by showing commitment and support to Kalahi-CIDSS for them to move closer to development. 51 “We invest a little but we get a lot more,” Maymaya readily said when asked about why he fully supported Kalahi-CIDSS. With the municipality’s limited budget, Maymaya said they cannot accomplish these projects alone. “Our municipality cannot provide fund to

uild schools, pathways and irrigation systems to its 20 barangays so for years that was our struggle,” he said. Maymaya said he was convinced on how Kalahi-CIDSS pan out so he lobbied to his constituents and his fellow officials the use of their 20 percent LGU development fund as counterpart for Kalahi-CIDSS projects. This is being recognized as a good practice here in the Cordillera. Maymaya recognized supporting Kalahi-CIDSS has helped the LGU since there is an improved participation among the communities, there is enhanced leadership and especially the bayanihan spirit which was revived. “The value of our ancestors has resurfaced again and I believe this has brought us to accomplish these sought after development,” he says. On sustainability With the Community Empowerment Activity Cycle (CEAC), a tool being used in the implementation of Kalahi-CIDSS, sustainability is guarded. This was affirmed by Maymaya when he said ownership and partnership is very important for sustainability of these projects. “The communities own these projects since they were the ones who identified, planned and implemented so we can be safe that they will take care of them,” he added. “I really admire the volunteers because they generously prioritized working for the community instead of attending to their individual concerns,” Maymaya lauded. Maymaya said Kalahi-CIDSS has made a visible difference in his town. Their communities are now closely tied through the revived culture of ab-abuyog not only to till their farms but to cultivate a more developed community for the future generation of Tinglayan. 52

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