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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015



MESSAGE few years ago, the springing of a close partnership between A Kalahi CIDSS and the communities in Apayao, Kalinga, Abra, Mountain Province and Ifugao began. Together with the Millennium Challenge Corporation as a funding agency, we have worked with 253 barangays in remote areas of the Cordillera while holding onto our shared dream of a better life for our communities. Through the Kalahi CIDSS Project, these communities have started to write their own stories of journey in community-driven development. By doing so, they made sure that they will never be storyless in this generation but their acts of volunteerism will forever be chanted in the years to come. Indeed, with empowerment as the seed in poverty reduction, these communities learned to establish their stand in defying the viscious cycle of poverty. These stories of transformation speak of men and women, communities and Local Government Units who have allowed themselves to slowly metamorphose into admirable people or government unit they are today. From their accounts, they were reluctant of the thought and most especially the Community Empowerment Activity Cycle they have to follow but nonetheless have accepted the challenge and have learned to sacrifice to achieve the amazing result of steering their own development. Our partner communities now enjoy the fruits of their labor as they walk or deliver their products on paved roads and concreted pathways, as potable water reach their homes, as children learn and play in a conducive learning facility and as they can cross bridges without fear. All of these are a product of a process they all undergone and have have acknowleged in their stories in this compendium. By being involved in identifying, planning and implementing community projects, the men and women in these stories realized their potential to lead their own development. To all our partners and supporters of community-driven development, may we all continue to work hand-in-hand and carry on making waves for a genuine development in the Cordillera. LIBERTINE A. BALICDANG Regional Program Coordinator, Kalahi CIDSS Project CAR

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