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QYResearch: By 2023, global damand for workshoes will be 1070098 K Pairs

More: Global consumption of workshoes increased year by year from 2012. In 2012, global total consumption amount is 686461 K Pairs, which have increased to 826178 K Pairs in 2016, with an average increase rate of 4.75%. In the future, we predict that global damand for workshoes will keep increase. By 2023, global demand will be 1070098 K Pairs.

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QYRESEARCH Workshoes are the shoes used in enterprise which given to their employees to perform their work. These special shoes have special characteristics. Some could Anti-Chemical, Anti heat and so on. Workshoes are the shoes used in enterprise given to employees to perform their work. Workshoes have different functional properties, such as chemical resistant, abrasion resistant or heat resistant. Abrasion resistant shoes account the largest share of workshoes. In 2016, global consumption of abrasion resistant shoes is about 446160 K Pairs.

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