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Sedona, a spiritual

Sedona, a spiritual guidance In the end, the final analysis will always confirm the ultimate wisdom for humanity that everything happens for the good, even the best. However, at the time of distress we do not feel that way. Neither did I. However, despite all the stress during my marriage, there was one bright spot and a revelation for my personal journey. It was a trip to Sedona in Arizona, an area marked to be a vortex, an energy center. Although I do not much remember the details, I remember Risa taking about a lady residing in Sedona area who channeled a higher soul. I had not had any opportunity to actually observe or meet such a person who went into a trance and channeled an astral being. Risa had interest in such things, probably the only common point we had. She also made me aware of Edgar Kaycee and the coming earth changes. She had mentioned about her desire to visit the channel and seek guidance. This being a common interest, I agreed. There was a fee for attending the trance session, reportedly taking place every Saturday. I do not recall the exact amount. We were living in Phoenix at that time in an apartment complex in a unit owned by her mother, where Risa had been living practicing as a naturopathy doctor while also holding a Physician Assistant degree. Her sister, a medical doctor, lived in her own home with two daughters in Phoenix suburb. Anyway, the interest colluded for that trip. One Saturday we set off early to Sedona and after an hour or two of drive we reached the home of the channel. We paid our fee and went inside where there were about 50 people gathered when the session started. When the appropriate time came, the lady informed us all that she was going to go into a trance and we all sat quietly for the proceedings to begin. The trance began and the first thing that we witnessed was a change in the voice and mannerism of the lady. She started to speak in a male voice, to the best of my recollection, and gave a talk on the state of the world, adding to give advice on

the course of human affairs. I have no recollection about the discourse, except a vague idea about the troublesome time in future for humanity. Then, the interesting part for everyone started. Each attendant was allowed to ask one question. That was the whole idea and attraction for the audience. Each had a concern that needed to be addressed or guidance to seek. Each took a turn to ask the question and the channel went into silence to seek the answer and spoke the solution. As we went around the room with the help of one of her assistants, I started wondering what question I should ask. I decided to ask for guidance on the very purpose of my presence in USA. My desire was to learn, find the answers and return to Nepal to use my knowledge to help the people there. So, when my turn finally came, I stated that I wanted to help people of Nepal once my studies were completed, and placed the question: "Will I be able to return to Nepal and successfully complete my task? She went into a trance and gave a short answer: "In every life previously, you have been murdered. You have been a teacher and fought against injustice, corruption and discrimination so you displeased the powerful. They became your enemies and had you murdered. In this life the same thing will happen. You need to change your method. You fought alone in the past and it was easy to get rid of you. In this life, you are advised to not fight alone. You will be successful in your work if you have friends and groups to support you. Don't act alone." By the look of it, I am on that path of speaking the bitter truth, and being not afraid to speak the truth to power and displeasing who believe they are running the world. Will I be murdered again? We shall see. .

Road to Sai
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