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S BEST BURGERS Midtown Booths Tavern Mexicalli What you’re getting: Guaqamole smothered beef You kinda knew Kevin Cimino’s burger could end up being a dark-horse favorite when ABV opened in 2014, especially since Cimino used to work with Chris Kronner (yeah, Kronnerburger Chris Kronner) at Bar Tartine. What you didn’t know is that it would so quickly go from sleeper to fucking Sea Biscuit. Almost every inch of this burger is made in-house (from the pimento cheese to the freshly baked caramelized sweet potato bun), and yet it somehow still only costs $9 for a compact, flavor-napalming quarter pounder.

USHI Excepteur sint occaecat SPEC AD SPEC AD SPEC AD SPEC AD SPEC AD SPEC AD SPEC A G O S T I N O ’ S Great Italian and excellent sushi coming out of one hoppin kitchen! Adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod to sed itom. Live jazz every Saturday night! In trendy Uptown neighborhood! WWW.AGOSTINOSSUSHIROCK.COM 15607 MADISON AVE LAKEWOOD, OHIO