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Sufi Qawwali Songs

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Call Us 832-875-4139 Call Us 832-875-4139 About Riyaaz Qawwali Qawwali is an amazing genre of music, with lively rhythmic cycles, gripping melodies and a unique approach to adding improvisational poetry. It is no wonder then that this genre has gripped the attention of each musician that has joined the group. It is the party’s goal to re-familiarize audiences in the United States with this unique musical style. The songs which constitute the qawwali repertoire are mostly in Urdu and Punjabi (almost equally divided between the two), although there are several songs in Brajbhasha and Persian. The poetry is implicitly understood to be spiritual in its meaning and the central themes are love, devotion and longing (for the Divine).

Call Us 832-875-4139 Call Us 832-875-4139 ISHQ - RIYAAZ QAWWALI'S LATEST ALBUM Riyaaz Qawwali’s 2nd CD features ghazals that are composed and performed in qawwali style. The selected pieces range from contemporary to classic poets. The CD tracks take writings that may have one angle and add another dimension more commonly found in qawwalis. Tracks included are: ‣Tujhe Dekhen (When I Look At You) - Bahadur Shah Zafar ‣Mahi Ve Tere (To Steal a Glance of You) - Folk ‣Itna Bhi Karam Unka (Even This Small Gesture By You) - Tahir Faraz ‣Bohut Kathin Hai (A Difficult Journey) - Amir Khussrau ‣Rone Se Ishq Mein Bebak Ho Gaye (Weeping Deepened My Love) - Mirza Ghalib

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