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Call Us 832-875-4139 Call Us 832-875-4139 The ghazal genre does not concentrate on the questions of who or why, nor does it create limitations to the portrayal of the Beloved. What ghazals emphasize are the themes of love itself and the tribulations of the lover . The lover must endure in their unconditional admiration for the Beloved and quest for Union. Ghazals narrate the journey of the loverprotagonist and the suffering, cruelty, and sacrifices in their attempts to reach the beloved.

Call Us 832-875-4139 Call Us 832-875-4139 KASHTI - RIYAAZ QAWWALI'S FIRST ALBUM Kashti was the debut album of the Riyaaz Qawwali ensemble and was released in June 2013 and was commercially made available in the Spring of 2014. Kashti, which mean boat or vessel in Urdu and Hindi, was selected as the title to exemplify the ensemble's use of music as a vessel to explore different religious traditions and their linguistic, philosophical, cultural, and moral confluence.

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