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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Auto Dealership

Smart dealers have started looking forward to deploying new technologies employing artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the customer experience. Traditionally, a dealership management system is widely used to gather and store customer data since ages.

Here’s a look at how

Here’s a look at how artificial intelligence will play a role in the future auto dealership. Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service Transactions AI tools like chatbots and virtual assistants have set an amazing example for auto dealers in managing their inquiries online. These applications work best for the basic level of customer service transactions like checking the availability and booking an appointment for vehicle service. Apart from online inquiries, dealers are likely to receive them from offline channels too. More they receive it over the phone when they face challenges at various points throughout the customer journey. From the sources, we came to know 70% of calls to dealerships contain the query related to parts or service, and about 10% are new sales opportunities. The question that arises is “Are dealerships capable enough to make the most of opportunities come to their way from different channels? Probably not, as 20% of the incoming calls remains unanswered due to the inattentiveness or are abandoned by the caller. To overcome the mismanagement of inbound phone calls which is where AI-based speech analytics can step in. The combination machine learning and natural language processing are used to develop speech analytics. Each call will get recorded and so the content of the call can be further used to understand the concerns of inquiring customers and provide a better solution to bring the best outcome of the overall process. Dealers are thus transforming their customer experience and improving their business, with these broad-scale insights achieved from the artificial intelligence technology and offer real customer interactions to address problems accurately. Image Credit: -

Marketers can understand their customers more closely using the data collected from different touch points with AI technology. This will help them to target their customers efficiently avoiding the unnecessary and irrelevant touch points. After knowing the preferences of their customers, a marketer can reach their target audience by creating attractive offers on products and service for better business. This way it will also avoid the efforts and energy invested behind wrong audiences which eventually results in low conversion rate. Instead, the wise idea is to apply AI technology to the system and focus on customers who are genuinely interested in their brand or services and drive customers toward the channels that help increase revenue. Conclusion AI not only stands to help the auto dealers to operate their marketing and sales efficiently but it also adds an outstanding value to the business. At the same time, customers feel happy to receive personalized service which they admire and give an emotional connection in the entire decisionmaking process. Customer journey that starts with the offer or campaign they see to buying a new car or schedule a service. Now with AI and analytics, dealers can never miss the opportunity, identify the improvement areas in their current processes and flip the game of customer service achieving great business.

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