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December 2017


SUNDAY MIXED AMBROSE COMPETITION Thanks to the great work undertaken by Peter and Helen Willum, there were five events held through the year with the following player numbers registered: January 74 March 82 May 64 August 78 October 70 December 68 Unfortunately, more than thirty apologies were received for the last event due to the clash with the Ashes Test and other Christmas functions. Overall the year has been a successful one with a lot of positive feedback from members who have enjoyed the relaxed manner in which these events are played. Peter and Helen have identified “the Club being a big winner from these events, not only from a social side of things where a lot of members get to meet with other members they would not normally play and socialise with, but also the numbers that stay on for dinner and support the Club”. An estimated average of 45 members per event enjoying an after-game meal in Dimples Restaurant. An excellent result Peter and Helen – the event will grow in popularity in 2018. Make sure you are part of the golf challenge and good fun the event provides. LUNCH SPECIALS Early next year $12.90 lunch specials will be made available to members Tuesday – Friday as a means of encouraging members to enjoy a meal in the Clubhouse after (or before) their mid-week rounds of golf. Keep a look out for the Lunch Specials Menus and make sure you extend an invitation to your playing partners to stay and enjoy a drink and meal whilst reviewing the game at hand. HOUSE OPERATIONS MEMBER’S SURVEY In excess of 320 responses have been received from members since forwarding the survey. If you have not had time to complete the survey and wish to have a say in how your Clubhouse provides its services, please complete the survey and send by the end of December, 2017. Link to House Survey A scan of the response provided to date carry some excellent comments and recommendations. I look forward to reviewing all responses for report to members early next year. CHRISTMAS TRADING Dimples Restaurant will be closed for Dinner from Sunday, 24 th December - Wednesday, 27 th December, 2017. Re-opens for great food and service on Thursday, 28 th December 2017. Bar facilities (food snacks) will be available during this period as normal.

YOU ARE APPRECIATED!! Members patronage of the facilities provided by the Clubhouse and Dimples Restaurant during 2017 will result in budgeted surpluses for the current calendar financial year being achieved – an excellent result following poor trading results in 2016. Clubhouse staff are to be congratulated on their commitment to providing a high level of service to members and guests during the year. Best wishes are extended to all members and staff over the festive season. I hope that all will enjoy a great 2018!! From the Manager’s Desk Dean Stanton TTG Golf Club App We are in the process of replacing our App, the old one has been ‘taken down’ and needs to be deleted from your device. The new app will be available from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Members will be notified via the website and noticeboards when it goes ‘live’, expected to be early January. New Reciprocal Golf Club Tea Tree Gully Golf Club is truly pleased to accept Annanhill Golf Club’s offer of reciprocity, Annanhill is situated on Irvine Road, KILMARNOCK, SCOTLAND. Play “Ready Golf” Player responsibilities Very few golfers would admit to being slow players but we can all do our bit to play a little bit faster. Be ready to play While you are waiting to play, use your time wisely so when it is your turn you are ready to play. When it is your turn to play, play promptly. Consider your pre-shot routine - saving even a few seconds will help. When play of a hole has been completed, leave the putting green quickly. Play at a good pace Always play at a good pace. Keep up with the group in front. Invite the group behind to play through if appropriate. Play a provisional ball to save time if you think your ball may be lost. Playing without Undue Delay We remind members that ‘sheltering’ when it is raining (unless play has been suspended due to greens being unplayable) is against the rules of golf. In accordance with Rule 6-7 players incur a 2-stroke penalty.

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