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December 2017

Another true story. Mike

Another true story. Mike Richards recorded his first ever 10 & 8 loss in any form of pennant, which is a thrashing by any standards. Not his fault though Mike had advised his none availability for that round, but too late team sheet had been handed in. Chris Everett the Team Manager rang Mike from the car park to see how far away he was and when advised he was in Cairns stated “does that mean you’re not playing?”. Presidents Report Bert Jordan Information from the November Board meeting: • 3rd hole fairway entrance • 9 th hole redevelopment • Roof repairs • Solar power quotes • Debt reduction • Lunch specials • Family Fun Day • Practice area turf trial • Club History sub-committee Thank you to all members who have responded to our two surveys. Some respondents to the Newsletter survey requested more detail from Board meetings. I have therefore asked respective directors to elaborate on the dot points above. The club had the opportunity to show its appreciation to our staunch supporters at the annual Sponsors and Volunteers golf day. The contribution of this combined group (about 10% of members) not only provides better golfing and social facilities but also enables the club to restrict the inevitable increases in annual fees. I thanked them all on your behalf. Have you ever had concerns about your heart rate? If not, you obviously did not attend the final of the Senior Pennants at Kooyonga. It all came down to the final putt on the last hole by Norm Cordina to seal a 4/3 win over Grange. Congratulations to all players over the season resulting in an eleventh consecutive win. This is getting bigger than Ben Hur! There is a great photo and write-up in the December Golf SA eNewsletter. Over many years the club was fortunate to have the skills and services of life member Jack Allen to record and document significant events in the history of the club. This formality has been somewhat neglected since Jacks passing and the Board has decided to form a History sub-committee to take on this task. I have volunteered my services as has Chris Everett, who is already searching archives at GolfSA. Expressions of interest are therefore

called from any member who would like to assist. The past fourteen years need documentation with a view to establishing a process for future years. An email to me or Dean is all that is required at this stage. There have been two incidents of car damage in the carpark in recent weeks and it’s a pleasure to report that those responsible notified Dean with the issues now resolved. Thanks to those members for their honesty; it restores faith in human nature. The next newsletter is scheduled for mid-February so I wish to draw your attention to an important date being Monday, 5th February. This is the closing date for nominations for Board and Committee positions for the new golf year following the A.G.M. on Monday, 19 th March 2018. The four Board positions include President, Vice-President, Director of Course and Director of Women’s Golf. One position will be available on each of the 4 committees of Course, Finance, House and Match. Position descriptions and relevant information is contained in the Board Manual. A copy of this is available from the office on request. Full members (5, 6 and 7 day) with at least five years playing membership are eligible to apply for these positions. This is the final issue of the year and I hope it has been a happy and successful one for all members. On behalf of the club I wish members and staff a safe and happy Christmas and New Year with family and friends. Afterthought: “If Ivan had placed the pin near the front left side of the 8 th green instead of the back right, mine would have been a great shot”. . Finance Director Neville Atkinson Membership and Finance We welcome the following new members who joined the club in November. We wish you an enjoyable time at the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club. Michael Carson Carol Davis Joshua Gumm Cameron Jamison Dylan Jamison Dylan Leontaridis Daniel Murphy Luke Naylor John Reaney Shaun Ward As at 21 November 2017 we had 885 senior playing members which is 18 under our budget of 903. At the same time last year, we had 904 adult playing members. Our overall membership numbers including Juniors (64) and Provisional Members (156) stood at 1327 members. Electricity Costs A decision was made 18 months ago to fix our electricity tariff for 3 years. In hindsight this decision was very fortuitous with prices having risen significantly since then. In the meantime, with the assistance of Finance Committee member Peter Vallely, much research has been undertaken to investigate the installation of Solar Panels.

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