8 months ago

December 2017

We have obtained quotes

We have obtained quotes from 4 suppliers for a 55 Kw system to be located on the clubhouse roof. The modelling undertaken estimates savings of $12,500 per annum will be achieved with a payback period between 4 and 4.6 years depending on the configuration of the system. We are in the process of finalising quotes so that this capital purchase can be included in our 2018 budget. Membership Categories Continuing the theme of my previous two newsletter articles, I have outlined below some membership categories that you may not be familiar with. As a club, our aim is where possible to provide flexibility to meet peoples changing needs and circumstances to enable them to remain members of the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club. 1.14 Class 9C – Twilight Members 1.14.1 Twilight Members have playing rights from 4pm each day. 1.14.2 This class of membership is generally only available to new members 1.14.3 Twilight Members can apply to upgrade to another category of membership at any time. 1.14.4 Twilight Members shall have no voting rights 1.15 Class 10 – 9 Hole Members 1.15.1 9 Hole Members are permitted to play only 9 holes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 1.15.2 This class of membership is generally only available to new members or existing members who are able to provide medical evidence that they are unable to play more than 9 holes of golf. 1.15.3 9 Hole members shall have no voting rights 1.16 Casual Members 1.16.1 Casual Members have playing rights Monday, Tuesday (after 12 pm), Wednesday (after 12pm), Friday & Sunday (after 12pm). 1.16.2 This class of membership is only available to new members 1.16.3 Casual Members shall have no voting rights 1.17 One Day Members 1.17.1 One Day Members only have playing rights on Mondays. 1.17.2 This class of membership is only available to new members and access to the golf course is subject to availability and course maintenance. 1.17.3 One Day Members shall have no voting rights. 1.18 Members for Life 1.18.1 Shall pay a once only fee as determined by the Board. 1.18.2 There shall not be more than 20 ‘Memberships for Life”. 1.18.3 Members for Life shall have no voting rights 1.18.4 Have playing rights as determined by the Board 1.18.5 Membership is not transferrable unless otherwise determined by the Board 1.19 Practice Members 1.19.1 Practice Members have access only to the Practice Facilities 1.19.2 Practice Members shall have no voting rights

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss your own membership circumstances please feel free to contact our General Manager, Dean Stanton in the first instance. Stay tuned to my next newsletter article to find out about some additional categories that may be of interest to new or existing members. I would like to take this opportunity to wish members and their families a safe, happy and enjoyable festive season and thank you for your membership and support of the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club, it is valued. Captain’s Corner Brian Jordan Hot Weather Please look after yourself in relation to the summer heat and also the increased ultra-violet risk during the summer months. Important factors to reduce the risk of heat injury are adequate fluid intake and use of all means of available shade. For more detailed information please see the notice boards in the locker room or follow the link. Pennant News Congratulations once again to the Senior Pennant team for their eleventh consecutive title since the inception of the competition. This is a truly remarkable achievement.

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