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Pareeksha vijayi Final

R 12 Veto follow us:

R 12 Veto follow us: 16 (d) break 35. Which word has the same meaning as ‘make out’ (a) destroy (b) understand (c) produce (d) model 36. The adjective of “quarrel” is (a) quarrellous (b) quarrelful (c) quarrellable (d) quarrelsome 37. “A pyrrhic victory” means (a) a victory achieved with great affort (b) A victory that comes at the expense of great losses or costs (c) A shameful victory (d) a colourful victory 38. A notorious person has a (a) good reputation (b) great past (c) bad reputation (d) great ancestry 39. What is the collective noun for a group of whales? (a) pack (b) herd (c) fleet (d) school 40. Beggars cannot be ______ (a) selectors (b) choosers (c) judges (d) masters Answer Key 1. D¯cw: (b) Cliche (]dªv ]gInb ^enXtam ssientbm) 2. D¯cw: (c) Nonsensical (AÀ°iq\yamb) 3. D¯cw: (b) Too late • Eleventh hour also means ‘last minute’ 4. D¯cw: (a) brought about bringabout bring in bring on bring out to cause to happen to produce, yield or earn to cause to appear to reveal or expose; to produce 5. D¯cw: (b) Feminist 6. D¯cw: (c) on put on to wear put in to make a formal offer of; to plant; to apply put off to postpone put out - to extinguish 7. D¯cw: (d) who • \ma-¯n\v tij-apÅ blank sâ sXm«Sp¯v hcp hm¡v Hcp {Inb (verb) BsW-¦n who D]-tbm-Kn-¡-Ww. 8. D¯cw: (d) Happen after death 9. D¯cw: (b) incredible 10. D¯cw: (a) the worm • CsXmcp ]g-s©m-ÃmWv. “BZyw sNmÃp-h\v A¸w t\«w.” 11. D¯cw: (d) Homicide killing of oneself suicide killing of one’s parent parenticide killing of one’s close parricide relative killing of one’s brother Fratricide 12. D¯cw: (c) forgetfulness • Impertinence means rudeness 13. D¯cw: (d) difficulty 14. D¯cw: (d) Deep respect 15. D¯cw: (a) Elegy elegy Rhyme farce prosaic hnem-]-Imhyw IhnX, ]Zyw I]-S-thjw KZyw- t]m-se-bpÅ 16. D¯cw: (a) Gaol • Gaol means jail 17. D¯cw: (d) An optimist Optimist Pessimist One who usually expects a favourable outcome (ip`m]vXnhnizmkn) A person who expects the worst. (tZmjNn´I³) 18. D¯cw: (a) Study of birds 19. D¯cw: (d) imperative • Hcp imperative sentence Bcw-`n- ¡p-Xv ‘please’, ‘kindly’, ‘Be’, ‘Let’, or main verb Fn-h-bnsempsIm≠ mbn-cn-¡pw. 20. D¯cw: (a) would not have • If clause ‘past perfect’  BbXp sIm v main clause would have + ppv D mbn-cn-¡pw. 1. D¯-cw: (b) in • progress t\mSv in F preposition D]-tbm-Kn-¡p-p. 2. -D¯cw: (c) could have met • ‘If clause’ past perfect (had+ppv) -BsW-¦n main clause  would have/could have + ppv D]-tbm-Kn-¡Ww. 3. D¯cw: (d) cattle 4. D¯cw: (b) don’t you • Auxiliary verb - do (ie, do+like =like).Xn-cn-¡p hmIyw positive Bb-Xn-\m ‘do’t\mSv n’t tNÀs¯-gp-X-Ww. subject ‘you’ Bb-Xn-\m ‘don’t you’. 5. D¯cw: (b) cub (offspring - k´Xn) 6. D¯cw: (b) dead alive x dead 7. D¯cw: (d) he had been received a complaint • hmIyw passive voice D] tbmKnt¡ Imcyanà 8. D¯cw: (b) with the 9. D¯cw: (b) mosquito 10. D¯cw: (a) backed out back out take off put away let out to withdraw from something before completion. to remove; to release; to rise into the air or begin flight to discard; to renounce to reveal; to come to a close Since 11. D¯cw: (a) the easier it will be to perform • ‘the more ..... the more’ sâ {]tbmKw • The + comparative form + sub + v + the + comparative form + sub +v+..... 12. D¯cw: (b) urban 13. D¯cw: (a) veteran service x dis service/ ill service crooked x straight vice x virtue 14. D¯cw: (a) has broken • ‘one of the’ Ignªv hcp noun _lp-h-N-\hpw verb FI-h-N-\-hp-am-bn-cn-¡-Ww. 15. D¯cw: (b) understand 16. D¯cw: (d) quarrelsome 17. D¯cw: (b) A victory that comes at the expense of great losses or costs. AXnbmb \mi\㧠fneqsS e`n¨ hnPbw 18. D¯cw: (c) bad reputation 19. D¯cw: (d) school 20. D¯cw: (b) choosers Present Past Past Participle Lie (IÅw ]dbpI) Lied Lied Lie (InS¡pI) Lay (InSp) Lain Lay (CSpI) Laid Laid for 2005 (or any a year ) 10 years January (or any a month) Sunday ( or any a day) 3 months 5 weeks 8 O’clock (or any a time) 7 days 12.30 PM 2.30 hours last week Yesterday Night Morning Evening Breakfast Lunch Dinner time s\ ImWn-¡p ]£w Christmas, Onam, childhood, Etc ... 15 minutes last 2 weeks 2 nights 3 mornings Fortnight etc..

R 12 Veto follow us: 17 ]mT-]p-kvX-I-§-fn-eqsS Black leg Token strike Counter Petition Highway man Civil War Global tender Ivory tower Forbidden fruit Blue moon Tit for tat Zero hour Brute majority Status quo Caricature Palmistry Gordian knot Herculean task Home truth Good samarithan Icn-¦men kqN-\m-]-Wn-ap-S¡v FXnÀlÀPn ]nSn-¨p-]-dn-¡m-c³ B`y-´-c-bp²w BtKmf ZÀLmkv Z´-tKm-]pcw hne-¡- -s¸« I\n Akp-e` aplqÀ¯w Dcp-fbv¡v Dt¸cn iq\y-thf arKob `qcn-]£w ]qÀh-ØnXn Xqen-Im-Nn{Xw lkvX-tc-Jm-imkv{Xw Ducm-¡p-Sp¡v `Ko-cY {]bXv\w A{]n-b-kXyw ]tcm-]-Imcn ssien-IÄ De-¡-sIm-s -gp-XpI `mKy-lo-\-\m-bn-cn-¡pI HSn-hnZy A©mw-]¯n Ic-¡¼n sIm≠ n-bn-SpI Ie-h-d-h-bv¡pI KÑ-X-kvJ-e\w tIZm-c-tbmKw B\-I-fn-¡pI ZnMvam{X ZÀi\w \mepw Bdpw Adn-bpI hmNm-a-tKm-]pcw Ddn-t]m-se-bm-¡pI hÅn-¡p-cp-S³ ap¨pw t]¨pw AS-bpI £p{Z-{]-tbmKw Häp-Im-c³ hymP-hmÀ¯ c£n-¡pI cl-ky-ambn kq£n-¡pI \nkm-c-amb sXäv alm-`mKyw hnUvVn-bm-¡pI Aev]-Úm\w kÀh-Ú-\m-bn-cn-¡pI hÀW-\m-XoXw \njv^-e-am-¡pI ]¼-c-hnUvVn acn-¡pI aebmfw 2017 se kmlnXy ]pc-kvIm-c-§Ä Úm\-]oTw Fgp-¯-ѳ ]pc-kvImcw hb-emÀ AhmÀUv aqÀ¯o-tZhn ]pc-kvImcw hÅ-t¯mÄ ]pc-kvImcw amXr-`qan ]pc-kvImcw ap«-¯p-hÀ¡n ]pc-kvImcw hymkv k½m³ tI{µ kmlnXy A¡m-Zan ]pc-kvImcw HmS-¡p-g ]pc-kvImcw IYm-]m-{X-§Ä IrXn IÀ¯mhv thembp[³ Ccp-«nsâ Bßmhv Fw.Sn AÂt^m¬kv ssZh-¯nsâ hnIr-Xn-IÄ Fw.-ap-Ip-µ³ Iptªm-\-¨³ Ac-\m-gnI t\cw ]md-¸p-d¯v Znhm-I-c³ \fn\n Ipam-c-\m-im³ aZ-\³ eoe Ipam-c-\m-im³ ]¸p HmS-bn \nv ]n.-tI-i-h-tZhv A¸p-®n, tIm´p®n \mep-sI«v Fw.-Sn. IÀW³ C\n Rm\p-d-§s« ]n.-sI.-_m-e-Ir-jvW³ `oa³ c ≠m-aqgw Fw.-Sn. tNX-\-Kr-Ym-am-enIv Bcm-¨mÀ sI.-BÀ.-aoc amb³, _ocm³ D½m¨p Ddq_v IrjvW-tkm_vXn sI.-k-¨n-Xm-\-µ³ tkXp Imew Fw.-Sn. shÅm-bn-b¸³ IS¯o-c¯v H.-hn.-hn-P-b³ ssh¯n-]-«À imcZ H.-N-´p-ta-t\m³ kmhn{Xn Zpc-hØ Ipam-c-\m-im³ ssk\_ ]qh-¼gw _joÀ hna-e, AaÀknMv aªv Fw.-Sn. Sn.-Un.-cm-a-Ir-jvW³ tPmbv tKmkzman {]`m-hÀ½ Fw.-sI. km\p Sn.-hn.-N-{µ³ awavX Jmenb sI.-]n.-cm-a-\p®n Abva\w tPm¬ AÅm-¸n¨ samÃm-¡, A¸p-¡n-fn, chn Jkm-¡nsâ CXn-lmkw H.-hn.-hn-P-b³ tImc³, NncpX c≠ n-S-§gn XIgn am[-h³, Nn³, ]©p-ta-t\m³ Cµp-teJ N´p-ta-t\m³ cma³\m-bÀ B\-hm-cnbpw s]m³Ip-cnipw _joÀ N{´-¡m-c³ [À½-cmP kn.-hn.-cm-a³]nÅ sImS-´-bm-im³ cma-cmP _l-ZqÀ kn.-hn.-cm-a³]nÅ In«p®n ¹mÌnIv Fw.-ap-Ip-µ³ Ban-\m-_o-hn, ]«mfw C{¼mbn kvamc-I-in-e-IÄ ]p\-¯n Ipª-_vZpÅ aPo-Zv, kplvd _mey-Im-e-kJn _joÀ

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