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Pareeksha vijayi Final

R 12 Veto follow us:

R 12 Veto follow us: 18 1. Which among the following is major component of LPG? a) Butane b) Ethane c) Methane d) Hexane [Sr. Superintendent - 2016] Ans: (a) Butane 2. Which instrument is used to measure atmospheric humidity? a) Hygrometer b) Hydrometer c) Lactometer d) Barometer [Sr. Superintendent - 2016] Ans: (a) Hygrometer 3. A person who died after a 63 days long hunger strike? a) Ram Prasad Bismil b) Surya Sen c) Jatin Das d) B.K. Dutt [Range Forest Officer - 2016] Ans: (c) Jatin Das 4. Maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in ‘p’ orbital a) 18 b) 8 c) 6 d) 2 [Range Forest Officer - 2016] Ans: (c) 6 5. The communicable disease that has been fully controlled by a national programme is a) Malaria b) Filaria c) Smallpox d) Tuberculosis [Range Forest Officer - 2016] Ans: (c) Smallpox 6. Momentum = Mass x ________ a) Velocity b) Acceleration c) Displacement d) Speed Ans: (a) Velocity [Range Forest Officer - 2016] 7. Which schedule of Indian Constitution deals with the Anti-Defection Act? a) Second b) Fifth c) Seventh d) Tenth [Dairy Farm Instructor - 2017] Ans: (d) Tenth 8. Who is the Brand Ambassador of the programme ‘Make in Kerala’ a) Mammootty b) Mohanlal c) Suresh Gopi d) Dileep [Women Sub Inspector - 2016] Ans: (a) Mammootty 9. Who among these politicians use an adapted motor vehicle dubbed as the chaitanya Rathnam? a) L.K. Advani b) Lalooprasad Yadav c) N.T. Rama Rao d) M.G. Ramachandran [Women Sub Inspector - 2016] Ans: (c) N.T. Rama Rao 10. Boundary demarcation line between India and Pakistan is known as the? a) Durant line b) Radcliffe line c) Line of control d) Actual line of control [Women Sub Inspector - 2016] Ans: (b) Radcliff line 11. In which year did Dada Saheb phalke produce the first feature film? a) 1911 b) 1912 c) 1913 d) 1914 [Assistant Salesman - 2006] Ans: (c) 1913 12. Name the local wind which is known as ‘snow eater’ a) Chinook b) Loo c) Foen d) Mistral [Confidential Assistant Grade-II - 2012] Ans: (a) Chinook 13. Which is the text effect that lowers the selected text below the base line and changes it to a smaller font size a) Superscript b) Subscript c) Word wrap d) Change ease [Confidential Assistant Grade-II - 2012] Ans: (b) Subscript 14. Which award is known as Asia’s Nobel Prize? a) Bharat Ratna b) Magsaysay Award c) Gandhi Peace prize d) Risut Livelihood Award [LD Typist - 2012] Ans: (b) Magsaysay Award 15. The parliament has enacted the child labour act in a) 1986 b) 1976 c) 1996 d) 1974 [Sales Assistant - 2012] Ans: (a) 1986 16. Which among the following Act reduced the Right to Franchise to 18 years from 21 years? a) 61 st Constitution Amendment Act, 1989 b) 62 nd Constitution Amendment Act, 1989 c) 72 nd Constitution Amendment Act, 1992 Previous Questions @ 50 d) 71 st Constitution Amendment Act, 1992 Ans: (a) 61 st Constitution Amendment Act, 1989 [Sr. Superintendent - 2016] 17. An attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users is called? a) Malware attack b) Worms attack c) Denial of service attack d) Adware attack [University Assistant - 2016] Ans: (c) Denial of service attack 18. Who is considered to be the first programmer? a) Ada Lovlace b) Alan Turing c) Charles Babbage d ) V o n N e u m a n n [University Assistant - 2016] Ans: (a) Ada Lovlace 19. An attempt to criminally and fradulently acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication is termed as a) Spooling b) Tracking c) Bugging d) Phishing [University Assistant - 2016] Ans: (d) Phishing 20. Which of the following organisation has giant Panda as its symbol a) UNICEF b) Green peace c) World Bank d) World Wide Fund for Nature [Sub Inspector - 2010] Ans: (d) World Wide Fund for Nature 21. The possible body temperature of a child having fever a) 101 K b) 98 0 F c) 101 0 C d) 101 0 F [Assistant Gr. II - 2013] Ans: (d) 101 0 F 22. The author of casual vacancy a) Sasi Tharoor b) Khushwanth Singh c) J.K.Rowling d) Anitha Desai [Assistant Gr. II - 2013] Ans: (c) J.K.Rowling 23. When was the universal declaration of Human Rights adopted a) 10 th December, 1948 b) 10 th December, 1947 c) 10 th December, 1949 d) 10 th December, 1950 [Assistant Gr. II - 2013] Ans: (a) 10 th December, 1948

R 12 Veto follow us: 19 24. Which officer in the public authority provides information under right to Information Act? a) Assistant Public Information Officer b) Public Information Officer c) Appellate Authority d) Information Commissioner [Assistant Gr. II - 2013] Ans: (b) Public Information Officer 25. The place where the National Remote Sensing Centre is located a) Hyderabad b) Banglore c) Ahmadabad d) Chennai [Sales Assistant - 2013] Ans: (a) Hyderabad 26. Chattambi Swamikal attained samadhi at a) Kannanmoola b) Panmana c) Sivagiri d) Chempazhanthi [Sales Assistant - 2013] Ans: (b) Panmana 27. Who is the author of Christhumatha Nirupanam a) K.V.Simon b) Samuel Mateer c) Chattampi Swamikal d) Hermen Gundert [Sales Assistant - 2013] Ans: (c) Chattampi Swamikal 28. Who among the following is responsible for Noon day meals in schools a) Joseph Mundasseri b) Hermen Gundert c) Ringeltaube d) Kuriakose Elias Chavara [Administrative Officer - KSRTC - 2015] Ans: (d) Kuriakose Elias Chavara 29. In which year was ICDS introduced a) 1965 b) 1975 c) 1985 d) 1995 [Administrative Officer - 2015] Ans: (b) 1975 30. Childline number is a) 1809 b) 1908 c) 1089 d) 1098 [Municipal Secretary - 2015] Ans: (d) 1098 31. Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana is a) a centre sponsored scheme b) to provide additional wage employment c) a scheme remuneration of which is both cash and food d) All the above Ans: (b) to provide additional wage employment [Municipal Secretary - 2015] 32. Pradhan Mantri Adharsh Gram Yojana was launched by ________ government a) UPA b) NDA c) BJP d) Congress [Women SI - 2016] Ans: (a) UPA 33. Puralimala was situated in which Taluk a) Thellicherry b) Thamarassery c) Meppadi d) Mananthavady [Women SI - 2016] Ans: (a) Thellicherry 34. Which are the countries that Ashes Cricket tests hold between a) England - New Zealand b) England - Australia c) England - France d) England - Sri Lanka [Sr. Superintendent - 2016] Ans: (b) England - Australia 35. Which of the following is necessary for the dermal synthesis of vitamin D a) Gamma rays b) X-rays c) Infrared rays d) Ultraviolet rays [Sr. Superintendent - 2016] Ans: (d) Ultraviolet rays 36. Where is place in Kerala began the first Butterfly park in Asia a) Pookkode b) Agastyamala c) Devikulam d) Thenmala [Sr. Superintendent - 2016] Ans: (d) Thenmala 37. Who was considered as the father of Indian Self Government a) Lord Mayo b) Lord Curzon c) Lord Lytton d) Lord Rippon [Secretariat Assistant - 2015] Ans: (d) Lord Rippon 38. The longest river in Peninsular India a) Godavari b) Krishna c) Kaveri d) Mahanadi [Secretariat Assistant - 2015] Ans: (a) Godavari 39. Which of the following is not an output device a) Plotter b) Scanner c) Plat Screen d) Touch Screen [Secretariat Assistant - 2015] Ans: (b) Scanner 40. Which technology is used in compact discs a) Electrical b) Mechanical c) Electromagnetic d) Laser [Secretariat Assistant - 2013] Ans: (d) Laser 41. In India a Special Ministry for Women and Social Welfare was formed at the centre in the year a) 1983 b) 1986 c) 1976 d) 1981 [Sub Inspector - 2010] Ans: (b) 1986 42. Which place is known as Mecca of Kerala a) Ponnani b) Mamburam c) Bima Palli d) Kodungallur [Taluk Supply Officer - 2013] Ans: (a) Ponnani 43. ELISA test is associated with a) Dengue fever b) Swine flue c) Plague d) AIDS [Taluk Supply Officer - 2013] Ans: (d) AIDS 44. The cheapest means of transport in India is a) Railway b) Road c) Inland water ways d) Airways [Taluk Supply Officer - 2013] Ans: (c) Inland water ways 45. ‘Das Capital’ was written by a) Karl Marx b) V.I. Lenin c) Frederick Engels d) Piekhanov [Taluk Supply Officer - 2013] Ans: (a) Karl Marx 46. Which article is inserted in the constitution of India by the constitution (Ninety Seventh Amendment) Act 2011? a) Article 43 B b) Article 39 A c) Article 338 A d) Article 361 B [Junior Employment Officer - 2017] Ans: (a) Article 43 B 47. The Malayalam literaturist who received the Jnanpith Award in 2007 a) Sugatha Kumari b) Vijayalakshmi c) ONV Kurup d) Balachandran Chullikkad [Deputy Collector - 2011] Ans: (c) ONV Kurup 48. A high court judge can hold office till he attains the age of a) 58 b) 60 c ) 6 2 d ) 6 5 [Deputy Collector - 2011] Ans: (c) 62 49. The strait that separates the continent of Asia from North America is a) Strait of Gibraltor b) Strait of Malacca c) Palk strait d) Bering strait [Deputy Collector - 2011] Ans: (d) Bering strait 50. Name the year in which the decimal system of coinage was introduced in India a) 1960 b) 1959 c) 1958 d) 1957 [Deputy Collector - 2011] Ans: (d) 1957

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