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Pareeksha vijayi Final

R 12 Veto follow us:

R 12 Veto follow us: 22 Hmtcm e¡hpw Hmtcm tSm¸nIv dnhn-j³ 1. The small pictures on the window desktop is called [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) Commands b) Tabs c) Menus d) Icons 2. Section 66F of IT Act 2008 deals with [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) Cyber stalking b) Child pornography c) Phishing d) Cyber Terrorism 3. ISDN stands for [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) Indian Standard Data Network b) Independent Software Data Network c) Integrated Standard Digital Network d) Integrated Standard Data Network 4. The translator program that translates each line of the source program as it runs is called [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) Compiler b) Interpreter c) Editor d) Linker 5. 1 megabyte is equal to ______ bytes [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) 10 9 b) 10 6 c) 10 8 d) 10 4 6. India’s first cyber crime police station is located in [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) Hyderabad b) Bangalore c) Delhi d) Mumbai 7. The protocol used for retrieving email from a mail server is Topic Master - IT (50 Questions) [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) POP b) SNMP c) SMTP d) FTP 8. The software application used to access and view websites is called [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) Spreadsheet b) Microcode c) Web browser d) Malware 9. The term _____ refers to a bad or criminal hacker [Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015] a) Black hat b) White hat c) Cracker d) Slacker 10. What should you do if you require pasting the same format in many places when using MS Word? [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) Click the format painter and go on pasting in many places holding Alt key b) Double click the format painter then go on pasting in many places c) Click the format painter then go on pasting to many places holding Ctrl key d) All of the above 11. Hardware devices that are not part of the moon computer system and are often added later to the system? [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) IPs b) Add-ons c) Peripherals d) Supporting systems 12. An attack accomplished by using the internet to break into computers and using them to attack a network is called [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) Cyber terrorism b) IP attack c) IPR violations d) Distributed DOS 13. 1 GB is equal to [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) 2 20 bytes b) 2 30 bytes c) 2 100 bytes d) 2 50 bytes 14. What is the base of binary number system? [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) 0 b) 11 c) 1 d) 2 15. The practice of storing regularly used computer data on multiple servers that can be accessed through the internet is called [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) Cloud computing b) E commerce c) Browsing d) Net log 16. An email that appears to have been originated from the source when it was actually sent from another source. [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) Email spamming b) Email spoofing c) Email hacking d) Trojan horse 17. Which of the following institution is credited with the development of www [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) CALTECH b) NAS c) MIT d) CERN 18. Digital signature certificates are issued by [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) Certification Agencies appointed by the office of the controller of certification agencies b) The Chief of the Cyber cell of State Governments c) The income tax department d) The unique identity authority of India 19. What is the main objective of the Information Technology Act 2000 [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) To control the internet in India b) To provide legal recognition for transactions carried out by means of electronic data interchange c) To control all transactions through electronic media which are likely to jeopardize social stability d) To give the police unlimited power to deal with cyber crimes 20. Following a person movements across the increment by posting threatening messages on the bulletin boards frequented by the victim, entering the chat rooms frequented by the victim, constantly, bombarding the victim with emails etc. is called [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) Cyber stacking b) Cyber smearing c) Cyber fraud d) Cyber defamation 21. VoIP is a technology for [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) Making telephone calls over the internet b) Editing web pages c) Controlling the volume of internet traffic in a particular network d) Voice operated internet protocol for mobile device 22. The widely criticised section in the Information Technology Act 2000 that allegedly curbs the freedom of expression of individuals through electronic media [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) 81 B b) 28 c) 66 A d) 12 23. A program that has the capability to infect other programs and make copies of itself and spread into other programs is called [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) Worm b) Trojan horse c) Malware d) Virus

R 12 Veto follow us: 23 24. When using Microsoft Word, how can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time? [University Assistant Calicut – 2013] a) By pressing Ctrl + [ b) By pressing Ctrl + ] c) By pressing Ctrl + Shift d) By pressing Ctrl + 1 25. ______ is the modification of software to removes or disable features which are undesirable by a person [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Software hacking b) Software licensing c) Software piracy d) Software cracking 26. In the e-mail address – admin@, ‘vms’ is the? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Host name with commercial domain b) Host name with noncommercial domain c) Client name with educational domain d) Client name with government domain 27. A device that combines data from multiple computers and load them on a common communication channel is? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Modem b) Repeater c) Multiplexer d) Encoder 28. The Walkie Talkie is an example of which mode of communication? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Simplex b) Half Duplex c) Duplex d) None of these 29. A collection of four bits is called [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Nibble b) Byte c) Word d) Double word 30. Which hardware device is used to interconnect different types of networks with different protocols? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Bridge b) Router c) Gateway d) Repeater 31. Data Diddling involves [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Destroying data before input to the computer b) Unauthorised copying of data c) Changing data into information d) Changing data prior or during input to the computer 32. When did Information Technology Act come into force in India? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) October 17, 2000 b) October 17, 2001 c) June 4, 2000 d) June 4, 2001 33. ‘Ice cream sandwich’ and ‘Jellybean’ are the latest version of which operating system? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Ubuntu b) Android c) Apple d) Unix 34. Which technology is used in CDROM Drive? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Mechanical b) Electromechanical c) Optical d) Fiber optical 35. A memory management technique that uses hard drives space as additional RAM [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Virtual private network b) Virtual memory c) Virtual machine d) None of them 36. VIRUS stands for (in the case of networking) [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Very Important Resource Under Search b) Virtual Information Resource Under Seize c) Verify Interchange Result Until Source d) Very important Record User Searched 37. The translator program that converts source code in high level language into machine code line by line is called [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Assembler b) Computer c) Loader d) Interpreter 38. Programs stored in ROM are called [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Hardware b) Firmware c) Software d) None of these 39. Which of the following is the Universal Gate? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) NAND – Gate b) OR – Gate c) AND – Gate d) NOT - Gate 40. Which of the following program is not a utility? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Debugger b) Editor c) Spooler d) All of the above 41. What is the number of bit patterns provided by a 7-bit code? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) 128 b) 512 c) 256 d) 64 42. Which are the main provisions of IT Act 2000? [Assistant KSEB – 2015] a) Finalization of contracts through electronic media b) Legal recognition to digital signatures and documents c) Making hacking with computer system an offence d) All of the above 43. The first Generation computers used _______ for circuitry [Women Sub Inspector – 2016] a) Vacuum Tubes b) Transistors c) Integrated Circuit d) Large Scale Integration 44. A byte consist of how many bits? [Women Sub Inspector – 2016] a) Nine b) Fair c) Eight d) Sixteen 45. Internet works on [Women Sub Inspector – 2016] a) Circuit switching b) Packet switching c) Both a and b d) None of the mentioned 46. Cyber stalker is [Women Sub Inspector – 2016] a) A person securing access to a computer system without permission of the owner b) Using internet, email or other electronic JAVA communication Cobol devices to stalk Prolog c) Member of an organization using its LISP internet resources for Fortan non work purpose d) Person who introduces computer virus to any computer 47. Speed of the modem is measured in [Women Sub Inspector – 2016] a) Bytes per minute b) Bytes per second c) Bits per mille second d) Bits per second 48. Which of the following languages is used for artificial intelligence? [Women Sub Inspector – 2016] a) Fortran b) Prolog c) C d) Cobol 49. GUI refers to [Women Sub Inspector – 2016] a) Graphical User Interface b) Guaranteed User Interface c) Graphics Utilized Internally d) None of the above 50. Spam is [Women Sub Inspector – 2016] a) Fraudulent way of getting confidential information b) Unwanted instant messages c) Unsolicited e-mails d) None of the above Answer: 1(d) 2(d) 3(c) 4(b) 5(b) 6(b) 7(a) 8(c) 9(a) 10(b) 11(c) 12(d) 13(b) 14(d) 15(a) 16(b) 17(d) 18(a) 19(b) 20(a) 21(a) 22(c) 23(d) 24(b) 25(d) 26(b) 27(c) 28(b) 29(a) 30(c) 31(d) 32(a) 33(b) 34(c) 35(b) 36(b) 37(d) 38(b) 39(a) 40(c) 41(a) 42(d) 43(a) 44(c) 45(c) 46(c) 47(d) 48(b) 49(a) 50(b) Confusing Facts Computer languages - Internet language - Business language - Artificial intelligent language - First Commercialy available highlevel language

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