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Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

The government has work

The government has work up to the need to improve rail stations, both architecturally and service wise. The newly created Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) and national in conjunction with National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC) have come togther to manage and create these hubs. The government set a 2020 deadline to redevelop 10 railway stations into world classsmart facilities with airport-like amenities at a cost of Rs 5,000 crore. The redevelopment of stations will be carried out under a self-financing model through land monetisation .The stations selected for the project are Delhi Sarai Rohilla, Lucknow, Gomti Nagar, Kota, Tirupati, Nellore, Ernakulam, Puducherry, Madgaon and Thane. BUS NODES: THE LAST MILE CONNECTIVITY Similarly, most bus terminals in India are in dire (sometimes desparate) need of a better design and empathetic functionality that is geared towards users. Considerations include function, size, bay type requirements, parking and other inter-transit-model intersections, maintenance facilities and amenities. Inspiration can be drawn from the Transbay transit centre in San Francisco which provides the crossing of all transit systems above and below ground and contribute to the city’s green public space and is gaining widespread recognition as one of the foremost transit architecture innovations in the world. HARNESSING TECHNOLOGY AND TALENT Be it a small bus shelter, a large train station, or a global air or sea hub, it is safe to say that opportunity for innovation in transit architecture is at its peak. We have to break the shackles of the past and remove any obstacles that limit the ambitions in building the best transit solutions for the people in terms of functionality, beauty, sustainability and scalability. And unless technology and innovation is harnessed and applied at each strata of transit infrastructure development, there is every risk that we could miss the boat in terms of achieving our desired scale of growth. The ISBT at Delhi and also the one at Chandigarh are examples of how things can change. The inclusion of the country’s top talent in architecture and design is the key to creating and developing transit architecture in india. That way the countrys transit hubs can at least be truly efficient, functional and easy on the eye, if not immediately world class. A few showpiece airports, bus terminals and rail stations will not do at all. Netherlands' Rotterdam Central Station 22 Architecture Update February 2018

THE RAIL STATION UPGRADE Indian Railways has committed to upgrade 400 stations across the country as “worldclass” stations, and after initial hiccups, a reasonable amount of headway seems to have been made last year. The Indian Railways website list these as features of these new hallmark stations. 1. Iconic structure with modern state-ofthe-art facilities 2. Congestion free non-conflicting entry/ exit to the station premises 3. Segregation of arrival/departure of passengers 4. Adequate concourse without overcrowding 5. All essential facilities at concoursecatering, small retail, wash rooms, cloak rooms, drinking water, ATM, pharmacy, internet, etc. 6. Integration with other modes of public/ private transport systems e.g. Bus, Metro, etc. 7. Integrating both sides of the city, i.e. entry/ exit on both sides of the station wherever site conditions permits 8. No parcel movement across the length of platforms 9. User friendly international signage understandable by all sections of passengers 10. Additional facilities like retail, shopping, hospitality, food courts etc. 11. Helipad 12. Medical facilities 13. Well illuminated circulating area and sufficient provision for drop off, pick up and parking 14. Green Buildings, with optimum use of natural ventilation & lighting 15. Scalability (source: StationRedevelopment/IndicativeInvisaged.html) New York City’s Pennsylvania Station Architecture Update February 2018 23

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