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Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

Project The design of

Project The design of corporate spaces has long been the reason of frustration at workplace for employees. Most employees have always complained about uncomfortable work spaces and blatantly boring office interiors. While the design for an ideal workspace is fairly debatable. Spaces and Design has come up with an office design that can be easily summed up in two words - sophisticatedly functional. Living the Corporate Lifestyle Royal Touch Fablon, Kolkata, Spaces & Design Workplace strategy used to be about maintaining facilities and trimming expenses, but it is not that basic and simple any more. Businesses need to create workplaces that attract the best talent, adjust to shifting workforce demographics, and promote employee well-being while staying ahead of new demands and technologies. The Royal Touch Fablon Head Office in Kolkata is surely a design that emphasises on all the factors of a healthy and sturdy office space. Sited on a strategic location, the office offers the city’s aerial view and a glimpse of the river Ganges from varied angles. It is a perfect representation to the client’s need for maximum working space within the 2500 sq ft area of the high density office. The spaces have been efficiently divided as per the client requirement to create a dynamic and transparent flow. The circulation spaces and working spaces have been integrated to create defined boundaries dividing the workstation area from the private areas. There forms a clear distinction between the statuses of each space. The very first thing to notice as one enters the office is the reception area. The reception portrays a feature wall which forms the focal point of the entire entrance area. The combined use of stone and wood along with artificial turf creates an effect of depth on the wall. This massing of diverse materials also plays effectively with lights and shadows to bring out a distinct character. The entire office has been inlaid with Italian marble on the floors which provides a posh touch to the entire office in general. The three directors’ rooms have wooden flooring which brings about a very suave distinction from the non-private areas. The furniture used is notably elegant and features the use of Merino Hanex table tops. Be it the chic light fixtures or the classic round wall clock or the three piece vibrant wall art, the private chambers all have their own distinctive artistic approach. It is rather interesting to note how the monotony of wood and glass in a typical office environment has been smartly broken by the use of an accessory as simple as door handles. The customised wooden handles on the glass doors liven up the mundane office look. The floor to ceiling height openings to the outside ensures that ample amount of natural light is drawn into the spaces. Reducing the use 30 Architecture Update February 2018

Spaces & Design is an established Interior and Architecture firm that was started in 2006 by Pooja Bihani. Their design mantra is to “Constantly Innovate”. It has created a diverse portfolio in residential, commercial and lifestyle interiors and architecture. The firm has designed around 1,60,00 sq. ft. area and counting. It has executed projects in Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, and Orissa. They have to their credit distinct projects which include, Corporate Offices and Private Residences. Some of their innovative works include: ESPN star sports, Forum Mall Office, Limtex Infotech Ltd., Sunrise Foods Pvt Ltd, Lemongrass Advisors, Kabra House, Seksaria Duplex, Sunrise Food Pvt Ltd, Agarwal Residence, Sethia Apartment, Saraogi Residence, BMA Villa , Royal Touche Fablon in the Corporate and Residential category while their Lifestyle décor works include The Factory Outlet, Tiffin, Pitter Platter, Juice Spa and Salon and Tree of Life to name a few. The purpose of Spaces & Design is to create environs that epitomise harmony, aesthetics, and optimum functionality; enriching the life of the user in his habitat. of artificial lighting is not only a step towards sustainability but it also improves the quality of work spaces and ensures a better output from the workers. The workstation area does not get too clustered but indicates the right amount of seating for employees creating a very interactive space. Shelf spaces have been smartly set up that very well camouflage with the wooden finish of the workstations. Looking out to the skyline of Kolkata indeed creates a refreshing touch to otherwise mundane and enclosed workspaces. It is interesting to note that the glass partitions bear frosted designs to control any direct view from one space to another. While this ensures transparency, it also creates privacy within the spaces. It is specifically made sure that each space breathes out into the open by utilising its asset to the advantage of the indoor spaces. The breathtaking view of the surrounding is in itself the most fascinating and unique feature of the office and how well it has been used. The popular notion that 15 years down the line, we should see no boundary between office and lifestyle and office and health in general, is kind of taken care now. Spaces & Design has achieved such level of work earlier than perceived. If such is the way that office spaces continue to be designed then office developments will surely become more flexible, efficient as well as sustainable, while promoting employee well-being. Authored by: Pooja Bihani, Founder, Spaces & Design fact file: Project Name : Royal Touch Fablon Pvt Ltd Location : Kolkata Client : Vikash Kandoi Design Team : Pooja Bihani, Ms Anjana Chatterjee, Soumadip Mondal Commencement : November 2016 Completion : March 2017 Photographer : Vivek Das Architecture Update February 2018 31

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