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Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change


FOLLOWING ETHICAL STANDARDS The project is a pilot project for urban renewal through cluster development scheme for Mumbai’s’ dying inner city areas. At every stage of planning, inputs from various stakeholders, ranging from residential as well as commercial tenants to expert consultants, help shaped the master plan and design of the project – a creation of not only something to be proud of, but also a model that other cities would look to replicate. The project consist of diverse demographics where all of them are considered equal, irrespective of economic status, ethnicity or social background. In order to essential transition easy and transparent, an Information Centre is set up to allay doubts and fears regarding the project, and handhold them throughout the development process. Purpose built transit accommodations – for both residential and commercial tenants – have been created to ensure that the tenants are not inconvenienced while their new premises get ready. All these measures have not only resulted in the project receiving tremendous support and cooperation from the tenants but also from various government agencies at State and Central levels. To that end the Government of India has identified the Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Project as a ‘National Best Practice’ in inner city redevelopment. INSTALLATION OF LED LIGHTS AND SOLAR PANELS The project is specifically designed keeping in mind the area’s current scenario and its impact on the environment. At present, due to improper infrastructure houses in Bhendi Bazaar don’t receive adequate sunlight. This has led to an increased consumption of electricity even during broad daylight. The future Bhendi Bazaar will consist of LED lighting entirely provided by SBUT along with automated lighting sensors in the common areas. The automated lighting sensors will control electricity used in common areas thus saving a lot of money as opposed to the earlier conventional fittings. Another important element the Trust plans to promote is ‘the concept of zero energy’. There will be solar panels installed on each building that will be connected to the main grid. Keeping in mind the lack of sunlight in the existing residential units, the Project’s design will attract more natural lighting. This process aims to save more than 20% of overall electricity consumption. The Trust has also installed solar panels in their Transit Accommodation – temporary homes for the residents, which are used to generate electricity for the lobby and common areas. CHALLENGES Awareness and patience were key elements. As people are at the epicenter of this project, handholding the tenants through the entire process was paramount. Convincing the people to get on board was complex but the Trsut has been sensitive towards their needs and concerns. The finest commercial and residential transits are built for the tenants to ease their inconvenience and have involved them in every decision making process to smoothen the process. Bhendi Bazaar Project is a unique development and we believe our learnings have also helped the Government to fast-track the approval processes and revamp the existing policies. Overtime we have seen the regulatory polices getting friendlier and we look forward to the support from the authorities. There is a lot at stake in the Bhendi Bazaar redevelopment project – not just for the people and the locality; but for the urban India at large. • Total estimated cost of the project – INR 4,000 cr • Currently phase I construction work in underway in sub-clusters 1 & 3. The first phase of the project will bring around 600 families to the new premises by 2019. Simultaneously demolition and construction on other sub-clusters are also underway. The aim is to complete the entire project in about 8-10 years. 42 Architecture Update February 2018

Guest Article Bright & Beautiful Parul Mittal Director, Greenlam Industries Ltd Greenlam is among the leading laminate manufacturers in the world and Asian market in decorative laminates. With over two decades of experience in the surface décor space, Greenlam has been the pioneers in introducing the international décor trend, in India and across the international markets. Greenlam Industries Limited is standing tall with its guiding philosophies – innovative technologies and creative solutions. The company is engaged in the manufacture of decorative laminate, decorative veneers, doors, wall clads, wooden flooring and MFC. There is something about a space that uses colours to its best potential. Doesn’t matter if it is your kitchen, bathroom, dining room or your bedroom; colours add excitement and life to your room. Add a splash of soothing pastel hues or invigorating shades of green, blue, red, or yellow and you have the makings of a one-of-a-kind space that uniquely telegraphs your personal style. Here are a few tips to view your house through rainbow tinted glasses that will help you decorate your house to its prettiest potential. Solid Colours This is the season to be bright and colourful. The coming year is going to be all about those bright colours and vibrant hues. To get that perfect look you need to start with a strong base. There are quite a few approaches that you can take when it comes to colours. You can pair multiple complementary colours, like a nice sea green paired with a nice violet shade; or you can play around with different hues of the same colours as a nice and bright apricot orange with slightly subtle melon orange. Textures Textures help add some depth to your room. They add a certain tactile element to the surfaces and that helps elevate your design to a whole different level. The Textures can be anything from metallic, wood or even some masonry. Stucco is a very interesting technique used by masons to give a slightly rough appearance to walls using a spatula. Today, stucco is available in laminates as well. The other path you can go for is a nice abstract texture like some geometric shapes. Textures help add a little more pizzazz to your room and help bring out the colours to their fullest potential. Accenting Not everyone has that taste for bright colours and there is nothing wrong with that. Even a simple white room can look amazing as it is. However, a white room can alternatively be a blank canvas for you to use your creativity. Accenting can help break monotony in your house and add some visual relief. Laminates are a great way to do this. A nice bright red or violet laminate overlay on horizontal surface like kitchen countertops or cupboard doors, can help you add that splash of colour you need. Colours are quite fun to work with and help out in a big way when it comes to making your house look pretty. The best part, you can use them according to your design sensibilities. The methods we mentioned are just few ways you can use to add colours to your home. So go ahead and add some brightness to your homes with some colours. Architecture Update February 2018 43

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