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Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

Interview According to

Interview According to Rohit Harjani, Country Manager Indian Subcontinent, Hochiki, India is on a learning curve when it comes to the Fire & Safety segment and is simultaneously learning numerous techniques from the developments taking place across the globe. In an e-interaction with Kajol Tamang, Harjani shares insights of the varied safety solutions provided by the fire alarm makers - Hochiki for the hospitality sector and the company’s strategic growth plan for coming years by launching new range of products. Hochiki’s intelligent emergency escape route lighting system is a big success Do you offer fire safety solutions to hotels considering their property’s facade and interiors? Hochiki Europe UK Ltd- India Branch Office offers fire detection and emergency lighting solutions to various industries including hotels. Hotels use fire detection systems with utmost care and follow the law relating to the installation very strictly. With specific loop powered base sounders in every room, the hotels secure every room with its own detector and base sounders. The emergency lighting systems in the corridor help in evacuation very smoothly. The detectors and emergency lighting equipment go very well with interiors. How do you customise the safety solution for fire prone areas of hotels? Every hotel chain has a set of specifications which are approved by their own EHS head who gets it verified from MEP consultant and Fire auditor. The specification is then frozen and gets adjusted by the local laws of the country but the basic specifications remains the same. The usage 44 Architecture Update February 2018

of base sounders in every room in terms of fire detection, using intelligent emergency escape route lighting system, usage of fire curtains, fire fighters phone systems, PA systems with background music are some of the considerations when designing and hotel. What is your roadmap for India in the coming four years? Hochiki Europe UK Ltd- India Branch office became operational in December 2015 and since then it has been growing at steady pace. The company has introduced its EN54 products range along with UL/FM fire detection range which makes it a brand which is acceptable to European and American style MEP consultants. The intelligent emergency escape route lighting system is another feather in Hochiki’s cap which the customers are appreciating a lot and various companies have successfully installed this system. We plan to grow our business significantly in the next four years with the launch of new 16-loop touch screen fire alarm control panel and various new ranges to be followed. We also aim to increase employment for our office operations in India. As far as fire safety in commercial places are concerned, where does India stand vis-à-vis developed world? India is a country where development goes hand in hand with growth and awareness. India and the developed world work very closely because of India’s caliber in education and health sectors. The developed world learns from India a lot and sees their own growth with the growth of the mighty nation. India is on a learning curve when it comes to the Fire & Safety segment and is simultaneously learning numerous techniques from the development taking place across the globe. With the growing awareness of fire hazards, the companies operating in India are implementing technology that is used by the developed world. The tier-I cities are at par with the developed world in new construction. The tier-II and tier-II cities have to catch up as the awareness is not as quick. Architecture Update February 2018 45

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