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Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

Transit Architecture Time for a Drastic Change

FURNITURE Moving Closer

FURNITURE Moving Closer To Nature Wicker World, an Indian furniture design company which pioneered the use of natural wicker in the country, and has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing through their core beliefs in fine craftsmanship, quality, and luxury. Their new studio built in the lush greens with country style cabanas in New Delhi, features their exclusive furniture pieces showcased amidst the rustic interiors and lush green outdoors. AMIT SAWHNEY, Product Designer , WICKER WORLD ​ “I think the fundamental thing that any designer does is to turn the abstract into something concrete. It takes time to bring a furniture piece to life, seeing the transformation of an idea to a form really excites me. There are many favourites of mine from pieces I have designed but the one which I like the most is a simple chic woven stackable chair along with all weather folding breakfast table. These chairs goes on top of each other perfectly & flat table top rest on specially designed clamp down folding legs. When space is limited, there’s not enough room for all the furniture pieces you might need or want them. It’s when multifunctional pieces like these one are most appreciated. I love to design furniture which are practical, beautiful and comfortable. In my case, it may be that beauty and function are always inseparable and objects are therefore honest: they work well and make life easier and more pleasant to those who use them.” Wicker World outdoor collections are inspired by life and nature around them. It is a creative combination of sustainable materials like wicker, wood, aluminum, and iron to create exclusive furniture that offers maximum comfort and minimal maintenance. Away from the confines of brick and mortar; one can experience indoor furniture in organically designed countryside cabanas or choose outdoor furniture sitting right under the shade of peepal trees, where the chirping of birds and warm sun light will give its customers/visitors a different shopping experience altogether. With the aim to provide an out of the box shopping experience, Amit Sawhney - Product 46 Architecture Update February 2018

Designer of Wicker World has designed the new store in a very organic way. Countryside hay and bamboo ceilings are used to maintain temperature naturally. Unpolished floor, distress old wood and walls without excessive synthetic paints and polish, creates a striking backdrop against which their magnificent indoor range can really stand out. Different bedroom and living area concepts are designed to give a homely warmth. The outdoor furniture range is well placed in the lush lawns surrounded by trees, shrubs, fountain and a lotus pond. The artistic effect is reinforced by the skillful use of light, which envelopes every corner. The abundance of natural light filtering through many windows offers excellent perspective while shopping. The furniture design company is working Architecture Update February 2018 47

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