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3 THE 16TH ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR EXCELLENCE AWARD 2017 Our deepest congratulations to the CEO of QSR Brands Upstream Division and Managing Director of QSR Trading Sdn Bhd, Mr. Calvin Ang for winning “The 16th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2017" under the category of Excellence Brand, Excellence Product, Excellence Leadership and Excellence Service Quality. The grand award presentation ceremony was held on the 22nd Oct 2017 at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel.

4 PAMERAN PENYELIDIKAN & INOVASI UMK 2017 Pameran Penyelidikan & Inovasi UMK 2017 was organized by Universiti Malaysia Kelantan at UMK Kampus Jeli, Kelantan on 24th - 26th October 2017. The VIP who officiated this event was Dato' Nik Ali, Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia.

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