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February 13


Inside February 13, 2018 .qxp_Layout 1 2/12/18 7:17 PM Page 3 •Planes are grounded at the airport following the discovery of the device London City Airport shut as WW2 bomb found in Thames LONDON CITY Airport has been closed after a 500kg World War Two bomb was found nearby in the River Thames. The airport will be shut all day and all flights cancelled, affecting up to 16,000 passengers, a spokeswoman said. The bomb was found at George V Dock on Sunday during planned work at the east London airport, police said. Families in the area have been evacuated with the exclusion zone set to be widened when specialists begin removing the device. The airport was shut at 22:00 GMT on Sunday. The Met Police said it was working with the Royal Navy to remove the bomb. A statement issued by the Met said: "The timing of removal is dependent on the tides, however, at this stage we estimate that the removal of the device from location will be completed by tomorrow morning.” According to the airport's website, a total of 261 arrivals and departures had been scheduled for Monday. BBC DAILY HERITAGE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018 WWW.DAILYHERITAGE.COM.GH World news in 4 stories Trump warns Israel that settlements 'complicate' peace hopes US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has said Israeli settlements "complicate" the peace process with Palestinians and urged "care" over the issue. He also told an Israeli newspaper that he did not believe the Palestinians, and possibly Israel as well, were ready to make peace. President Trump angered Palestinians in December when he recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital. He also threatened to withhold aid unless Palestinians agreed to talks. The US leader's latest comments came in an interview published on Sunday with the conservative newspaper Yisrael Hayom. Asked by editor-in-chief Boaz Bismouth when the US would present its peace plan, Mr Trump said: "We will see what happens. Right now the Palestinians are not into making peace, they are just not into it. Regarding Israel, I am not certain it, too, is interested in making peace so we will just need to wait and see what happens." Asked whether Israeli settlements would form part of the peace plan, he said: "We will be talking about settlements. The settlements are something that very much complicates and always have complicated making peace, so I think Israel has to be very careful with the settlements.” BBC •President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital was strongly welcomed by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu ANC leaders expected to ask President Zuma to resign Leaders of South Africa's governing ANC party are meeting to decide the future of President Jacob Zuma. The National Executive Committee (NEC) is likely to ask him to step down, says BBC Africa correspondent Andrew Harding. ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledged on Sunday that the issue was causing "disunity and discord". Mr Zuma, 75, faces a number of corruption charges after nine years in power. There are 112 members of the NEC, and many may want to share their views during the meeting in Pretoria - meaning it they may not finish until late on Monday. "We know you want closure," Mr Ramaphosa said on Sunday, addressing supporters who had gathered to mark 100 years since the birth of the country's first black president, Nelson Mandela. He told the crowd in Cape Town that "our people want this matter to be finalised" and that the African National Congress (ANC) would comply. He acknowledged the ANC was going through "a period of difficulty, disunity and discord", and said he was seeking "a new beginning". He pledged to tackle the corruption that has marred Mr Zuma's time in office. BBC •Many in the ANC hope that removing Mr Zuma will boost the party's chances in the 2019 elections •Alexanda Kotey, left, and El Shafee Elsheikh were the last two members of the cell at large S Sudan opposition figure sentenced to death A FORMER opposition party spokesman has been sentenced to death for treason by a court in South Sudan. James Gatdet Dak, of the SPLA-IO, has been in detention since November 2016 when he stated his party’s support for the removal of the UN’s peacekeeping force commander in South Sudan on Facebook. The UN troops, led by a Kenyan general, had been accused of failing to protect civilians during the war. At the time, he was living in Kenya, where he had been granted refugee status. After the post was published, he was expelled from the country. Back home in South •James Gatdet Dak of the SPLA-IO Sudan, he was brought before a court and accused of treason, among other charges. Last month, his lawyers said the trial was in violation of a ceasefire agreement between the government and rebels, which states that all political detainees should be freed. Despite repeated truces between both warring parties, South Sudan’s conflict has continued. Even fresh talks aimed at bring peace to the country are in jeopardy. This morning, delegates representing the rebels walked out of the discussions taking place in Ethiopia claiming government forces attacked their troops last night. BBC

WWW.DAILYHERITAGE.COM.GH DAILY HERITAGE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018 The other side of contraceptives SEX AMONG teenagers has regrettably become inevitable, particularly, in second cycle and tertiary institutions due to several factors not excluding peer pressure. While religion is playing a key role to complement advocacy to ensure abstinence, social pressure is pushing our teenagers into very dangerous life habits. These days, it is common to find students and pupils gleefully resorting to the use of aphrodisiacs to show their sexual prowess. Man Woman, Chinese Spray and all kinds of concoctions are being used as sexual enhancers without recourse to the potential side effects. Some moralists had to succumb to the call on the youth to resort to the use of condoms to prevent diseases and avoid unwanted pregnancies because things were getting out of hand. The advent of contraceptives was also meant to assist women take decisions whether and when to conceive. Experts posit that contraceptives even go beyond a woman’s decision to conceive or not. They argue that the use of contraceptives makes parents happier and marriages last longer. Naturally, hormone-based birth control has some minor side effects such as headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, nausea, decreased libido and mood swings among others. However, doctors have assured that contraceptives are safe if taken according to prescriptions. Sadly, that is not what is happening. Some sexually active adolescents are abusing all kinds of drugs in the name of preventing pregnancy. The famous Postinor 2 is now daily pills for some teenagers in Senior High Schools. Due to rampant sex, these teens have resorted to taking the pill on an almost daily basis after each bout of sex. But, experts have warned that the misuse of the pills could create liver problems and have suggested that emergency contraceptive pills should be used only twice in a year or 10 times in one’s lifetime. The DAILY HERITAGE wants to stress that abuse of everything is dangerous, most especially, pills that have direct contact with vital organs in a woman’s system. We, thus, urge our teenagers to be cautious about the use of contraceptives, lest they develop complications in future when they are ready to conceive. Don’t pay increased fares BY STEPHEN ODOI LARBI THE GHANA Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) is urging the public not to succumb to any upward adjustment of lorry fares since they have not sanctioned that. Throughout last week, it was reported that transport fares had been increased as a result of the continued upward adjustment of petroleum prices. But, the GPRTU of • GPRTU to passengers • The GPRTU has an arrangenment with the Transports Ministry to review fares TUC and the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council in a joint statement issued in Accra, Monday, said such reports were false. “We are alarmed by such false information being pelted round by some groups of people who want to bring the reputation of the association into disrepute. We want to assure the general public that there is no such increase and the information should not be entertained.” They added “we are by this statement appealing to our members to disregard the information and comply with the existing fares so as to avoid any confrontation with the traveling public.” According to the transport operators’ umbrella group, they have an arrangement with the Ministry of Transport to review transport fares periodically and are currently in discussion with the Ministry as to whether there is the need to increase transport fares or not.

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