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Our story is infused

Our story is infused with people, places and quotes that have spoken to us over the years by connecting our hearts and minds. It is a commentary that pulls together the past, the present and the future. It is a merger of our history, our beliefs, our knowledge, and our experiences. Nathan Holmes, one of our elders, said it best, “It’s the truth the way I see it.” 6 Traveling enabled us to make connections outside of our immediate circle of friends and family. It proved to be a significant component in the sharing of this story. We drove thousands of miles, attended multiple conferences, and visited many museums, parks, and other cultural sites. Virginia is rich with history and although our story is steeped in Christiansburg we also provide examples from other places in the state including Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Richmond along with Washington, DC. Our desire for deeper knowledge and insight into the ongoing roles we have in growing and strengthening our Black community remains. As a community, it is impossible to shape a meaningful future with absolutely no wisdom and understanding of the past or relevance in the present. Let’s ROAR! Davina& Rita THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 11

What We Mean When We Say, “ROAR!” RESEARCH the facts of our heritage. …study carefully OVERCOME the issues of our past. …deal with successfully or gain control APPRECIATE the contributions of our elders. …understand the worth or importance REVITALIZE the relics of our communities. …make active, healthy, or energetic again THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 12

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