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Pictured Left to Right:

Pictured Left to Right: Booker T. Washington, Margaret Washington, Anna Long, Edgar A. Long, Zimri, Rosa & Zedekiah Holmes THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 45

BEHIND EVERY GOOD MAN There are striking similarities between Booker T. Washington and Edgar A. Long and their wives. The Washingtons and the Longs could be considered African American power couples of their eras. They worked together in high profile education positions before, during, and after their relationships ended. Their commitments to each other and their work ran parallel and extended beyond their lives together. Booker T. Washington (Left) from “Booker T. Washington’s Own Story of His Life & Work” and Edgar Long (Right) from “A Vision of Education” • Both dedicated their entire lives to educating and uplifting the Black race. • They shared the belief that faith, family and community were central to life. • They wrote frequently and candidly about their experiences and some of their words were controversial yet full of truth. • They believed that knowledge must be paired with action. • Both were instrumental in the growth of Christiansburg Industrial Institute. • Their wives (Margaret Washington 52 and Anna Long, respectively) were smart and strong Black women with stories of their own accomplishments. THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 46