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Black History Museum of

Black History Museum of Virginia Sign RESEARCH “The Museum collects documents, limited editions, prints, art and photographs for use in its Black History Archives program. This program will be of major significance because of the scarcity of written records on the Black experience.” 112 OVERCOME “Like the Jackson Ward neighborhood that surrounds it, the Leigh Street Armory is a survivor. A fire in the mid-1980s damaged the second floor and burned a hole in the metal roof, leaving the interior of the building open to the elements…The building stood padlocked and dark until 2002, when a Save America’s Treasures grant paid for the armory’s stabilization.” 113 APPRECIATE “The museum’s permanent collection is a gateway to the rich history, heritage and significant accomplishments of African Americans in Virginia. The collection includes art, artifacts, textiles, photographs, rare books, music and other items.” 114 REVITALIZE “The energy and pride, the art and performances, state-of-the-art exhibits and state-wide outreach ensure that the Leigh Street Armory is the home of the Black History Museum – Richmond’s and Virginia’s primary center for black history and culture.” 115 THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 75

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE WASHINGTON, DC RESEARCH The museum is part of the Smithsonian Institute which is a worldrenowned and authoritative source of historical and scientific information. 116 OVERCOME The museum started out with no money, no artifacts, no building and a lot of controversy. 117 APPRECIATE The museum is deliberate in soliciting and publishing the perspectives of diverse people, places and stories of the Black experience in the United States over the past few centuries. 118 REVITALIZE The museum now has nearly 37,000 objects in its collection. With funding and a prominent building on the National Mall, it is solidly positioned to preserve and share these relics in a unique way for many years to come. 119 THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 76

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