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How to Use this Book

How to Use this Book THE TIGER & THE TORCH is a different kind of book. It is a tool to help people speak up and show up for what matters. It is designed as a roadmap to spark deeper thought and dialogues that will inspire you and others to: • Become more connected in your local community; • Encourage the search for truths within our shared history; • Provide examples of how local roots empower people; • Bring people together to create, restore and preserve noteworthy legacies. Our content focuses on ideas, experiences and publications by and about Black people. Narratives have a casual and conversational tone that can be read in sequence or read in any order you choose. Although highly visual, there is a hefty factual component to our text. The endnotes contain multiple references to other books, research papers, videos, websites and resources that support the topics covered. These endnotes also list places to visit online and in person. All images and poetry are credited to the authors unless otherwise noted. We welcome your emails, Facebook likes and messages, along with invitations to collaborate on future book projects. “IF THERE’S A BOOK YOU REALLY WANT TO READ, BUT IT HASN’T BEEN WRITTEN YET, THEN YOU MUST WRITE IT.” TONI MORRISON 1 THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 7

THE BACK STORY OF OUR STORY A significant part of Black history remains buried and it is only through a deliberate and continuous journey that its intrinsic value can be brought to the forefront. As Black people, it is our responsibility to discover and share our untold stories. It is through literal, metaphorical, historical and personal stepping stones that we begin to tread a path for others. LITERALLY SPEAKING Tigers are hunters by nature and tend to live isolated lives. They often stay in certain geographic areas in the wild. 2 Although they are very strong, they are endangered animals and several species are extinct. 3 Even though they are dwindling in number, they continue to be the largest and strongest members of the cat family. Photo Credit: Oleg Kozlov The discovery of fire, especially portable fire through torches, 4 transformed civilization. Because of the ability to heat, purge, reshape and provide power, fire remains a practical and symbolic part of our lives. A prime example of this is the torch used in the Olympic Games. It has become internationally known as the official kickoff of the events. Its continued use today exemplifies the appreciation of ancient cultures and time-honored traditions. 5 Photo Credit: Zora Both Tigers & Fires ROAR! THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 8

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