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Craft Essentials - 2018


BRANDED FABRICS VENTAIR represents the latest in cutting-edge fabric systems. It’s a highly advanced system that offers water and wind protection in combination with excellent ventilation and moisture transport. The system includes two fabric categories - VENTAIR ® and VENTAIR ® WIND - with unique characteristics for unique demands. COLDBLACK ® is a special finishing technology for textiles that reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays. COLDBLACK ® is a registered trademark of Schoeller Technologies AG, Switzerland. WINDSTOPPER ® products give you the freedom to be your best and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. They keep you comfortable, warm and protected across a wide range of weather conditions and activities. You can focus on your experience without the distraction of being cold, damp or overheated. VENTAIR ® / VENTAIR ® WIND COLDBLACK ® WINDSTOPPER ® VENTAIR ® Fabric that provides excellent water protection, ventilation and comfort for a wide range of sports. The dedicated athlete’s choice. VENTAIR ® WIND Fabric that offers excellent wind protection, ventilation and comfort in windy conditions. “Efficient ventilation and moisture transport with protection against wind and rain.” Light-colored textiles reflect both visible and invisible rays of sunlight, meaning both heat and light. Dark colored textiles absorb both types of rays and therefore absorb heat. “Protection against sun and heat.” WINDSTOPPER ® products are totally windproof and offer reliable protection from the wind-chill effect. As a result the body can devote more energy to the activity than to regulating the microclimate. This means you can stay outside longer enjoying your favorit activity in the widest range of weather conditions. “Unique material for an active outdoor life.” CRAFT FABRICS AND SIZING 64 | CRAFT

EVENT is a cutting-edge windand waterproof fabric that helps your sweat evaporate from the inside to the outside twice as fast as common waterproof/ventilating fabrics. LYCRA ® SPORT fabric is designed to support athletes during exercise. The fabric moves with the athlete in all directions and provides a perfect combination of low weight, efficient ventilation, muscle support, freedom of movement and comfort. This high performance fabric contains COOLMAX ® fibre, which helps transport moisture away from the bodyw to the outer fabric layer, keeping you cool and dry during intense exercise in warm conditions. EVENT WATERPROOF Featuring a uniquely designed membrane with millions of tiny pores, eVent lets the sweat out efficiently to keep you dry and comafortable. “Train in rainy conditions? No problem!” ACTIVE AND POWER TECHNOLOGY BY LYCRA ® Resulting from decades of LYCRA ® fiber and fabric research, ACTIVE technology by LYCRA ® brand is designed to meet the unique performance needs of athletes and active people. POWER technology by LYCRA ® brand combines high recovery power with excellent fit and freedom of movement for applications such as running and biking tights, triathlon suits, and base layers. COOLMAX ® AIR AND ALL SEASON TECHNOLOGY COOLMAX ® AIR - Featuring polyester or channeled fibers with a unique propellershaped cross-section, the fabric provides excellent thermoregulation for optimal performance. COOLMAX ® ALL SEASON - Featuring channeled fibers with a large surface area, the fabric moves moisture away from the body rapidly when the athlete is hot. “For the most high-intensity, high-energy sports.” “Overall comfort!” CRAFT ESSENTIALS 2017/2018 | 65 FABRICS AND SIZING

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