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What We Mean When We

What We Mean When We Say, “ROAR!” RESEARCH the facts of our heritage. …study carefully OVERCOME the issues of our past. …deal with successfully or gain control APPRECIATE the contributions of our elders. …understand the worth or importance REVITALIZE the relics of our communities. …make active, healthy, or energetic again THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 12

WHY ROAR? (Research, Overcome, Appreciate & Revitalize) These four words help bring THE TIGER & THE TORCH full circle. RESEARCH asks questions that take us through all sorts of places that we perhaps would not go. It introduces us to people from the past and others here in the present that we would otherwise not meet. Our stories recount the ways our ancestors embodied the strength, courage and wisdom 7 to OVERCOME their challenges. They understood how the proper perspective of the past allowed for continuous progress in their present and helped to shape our future. As people observe current trends, it becomes evident that relaying our history through multiple mediums helps us achieve more effective community engagement. In doing so, we help others APPRECIATE and share experiences that span generations. It will take people of all ages to correct the current state of abandonment and disrepair of far too many African American cultural icons across the United States. They roar at us like a TIGER. 8 These remaining places, our relics, and the people they represent demonstrate the survival and tenacity of our elders. By definition, a relic is an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest. 9 Although it is not a common word, it is a common sight to see abandoned and blighted buildings in need of restoration throughout our communities. The sacrifices and experiences of our elders kindled their passion for creating a better life. That same fire now lights a TORCH for us to continue to progress today and demands that we REVITALIZE what remains. THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 13

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