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CHOICE: LIVE & LEARN Zimri Holmes Teaching in the Edgar A. Long Building “I BELIEVE A TEACHER SHOULD HAVE A GENUINE INTEREST IN TEACHING AND A DEEP LOVE FOR CHILDREN…A TEACHER WHO LOVES HIS STUDENTS WILL REALIZE HE TEACHES PROBABLY MORE BY WHAT HE DOES THAN BY WHAT HE SAYS. TO INSPIRE STUDENTS TO LEARN, I BELIEVE THE TEACHER SHOULD FIND THE RELATION OF THE LESSON TO THE LIVES OF THE LEARNER.” ZIMRI HOLMES Zimri Holmes was a history and government teacher who taught the history behind phrases and sayings of his time, the history behind current events and the history behind a Sunday school lesson. His classrooms were always a disciplined atmosphere with respect. He often told stories that would connect history with current events. Because his handwriting was terrible, he typed just about everything and almost always wore a suit and tie so as to never create a poor first impression of himself with others. In one of his own “Live & Learn” opportunities, he describes a situation whereby his credentials were called into question. He used the letter to formally correct what he felt was a personal oversight of “not telling the whole story at the beginning.” THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 48

Letter Typed by Zimri S. Holmes THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 49