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AND THEN THERE WAS ONE… CHRISTIANSBURG INDUSTRIAL INSTITUTE (1866-1950) …AND THEN THERE WAS ONE… One Bureau. One Man. One Town. One Room. One Association. One Building. One Schoolhouse. One Church. One Philosophy. One Campus. One Mansion. One Barn. One Shop. One Dorm. One Hall. One Superintendent. One Principal. One Hospital. One Fire. One Wife. One Vocation. One Legacy. THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 60

ONE STORY, T WO B UILDINGS, THREE GENERATIONS LATER… Although there are two original buildings remaining today from Christiansburg Industrial Institute (CII), there is but one multi-faceted story. CII’s first building, now called Christiansburg Community Center, is called the Old Christiansburg Industrial Institute along with the Schaeffer Memorial Baptist Church on the National Register of Historic Places. 84 The Christiansburg Community Center is one of the Freedmen’s Bureau school buildings that still stands. Although it is on the opposite side of the tracks from the Christiansburg Institute Campus, its past and its future remain connected because of its shared history. For a season, CII was leased to and managed by the local school boards, while still being owned by the Quakers. According to the National Register of Historic Places’ Final Nomination Form for the Edgar A. Long Building, “This transfer is significant because it marks the final transition of the school from a private philanthropically supported institution to a public institution. Under this new arrangement, enrollment grew to 340 students, but the industrial and vocational focus of the curriculum diminished. 85 In the deed that documents the transfer 86 , the Friends Freedmen’s Association of Philadelphia officially terminated the lease with the schools and completely relinquished all ownership of the CI real estate with the stipulation “that the property should continue to be used for the education of Colored students.” CI officially became the property of the Montgomery County School Board, Pulaski School Board and the City of Radford and “…the dormitories were closed and students were transported daily to and from school. In 1950 "Industrial" was removed from the school's name and the school took on the characteristics of a regular public high school. The farm operations all but ceased, and the self-help idea was almost totally eradicated. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 marked the school's final days.” 87 From Christiansburg Industrial Institute’s vast campus of almost 200 acres, only the Edgar A. Long Building remains with about four acres of land. The town’s high school, the MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools) Technology Center, a law office, a daycare, a couple of churches, some industrial lots, housing, and other businesses now occupy the surrounding land that used to be part of the campus. THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 61

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