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ANNE SPENCER HOUSE & GARDEN MUSEUM LYNCHBURG, VA Screenshot from The Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum 98 is a crown jewel in Lynchburg’s Pierce Street Historic District 99 . The site is comprised of the Spencer’s historic home, garden cottage, and extensive gardens. It authentically and respectfully continues the legacy of a smart and creative “poet, gardener, wife and mother, librarian, teacher and civil rights activist.” 100 Because of their community partnerships and ongoing efforts, awards, accolades, books and press coverage continue to ROAR! about this local cultural icon. THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 70

A ROAR! FROM THE AMERICAN S OCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS In 2004 Reuben M. Rainey and Rebecca T. Frischkorn of Charlottesville, VA, won the Communications Award of Honor from the American Society of Landscape Architects for their book, Half My World: The Garden of Anne Spencer, A History and Guide. The 2004 Professional Awards Jury commented: “Great contribution in social-cultural garden scholarship. . . The mix of poetry, personal history, and gardening is irresistible. . . Richly written. . . This book represents an important contribution to the profession and African American studies in general. The authors' writing style is endearing, well organized, and well researched.” 101 A ROAR! FROM T HE WASHINGTON POST In August of 2014, a Washington Post Editor noted, “We’ve written about the Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum, and its Harlem Renaissance poet namesake, often over the years, but thought readers would be interested to see how other media views this Lynchburg gem.” 102 A ROAR! FROM T HE LYNCHBURG NEWS AND ADVANCE In September of 2014, Justin Faulconer wrote, “For 37 years, the Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum has been on the National Register of Historic Places and Virginia’s historic registry as the home of one of Lynchburg’s most treasured artists and inspirations.” 103 A ROAR! FROM NEW YORK MAGAZINE’S T HE CUT In February of 2016, the garden cottage was featured in New York Magazine’s The Cut: Inside a Harlem Renaissance Poet’s Retreat. 104 Ten photos, along with commentary from the family about the place and their memories there, provide highlights of what the museum and grounds have to offer its guests. THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 71

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