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ENDNOTES INTRODUCTION 1 Toni Morrison Quote, 2 Info about Tigers, 3 Facts about Tigers, 4 Info about Torches, 5 Olympic Torch Facts, Reference-Documents/Games/Torches/Factsheet-The-Olympic-Torch-Relay-April- 2016.pdf#_ga=1.25858301.1933925914.1470610517 6 Nathan Holmes, Jr., (CII Graduate, Schaeffer Memorial Baptist Church Trustee and Treasurer, Father and Grandfather) to Rita and Davina Irvin 7 India Arie’s (Singer & Songwriter) Strength, Courage & Wisdom Lyrics, 8 Roaring Tiger Video, 9 Definition of Relic, CATALYSTS FOR CONVERSATIONS 10 Definition and Pronunciation of Baobab, 11 Baobab and Truth Analogy, 12 Angela Davis (Political Activist, Scholar & Author) Quote, 13 Origin of “The pen is mightier than the sword.”, 14 Africana Book by by Karen Liljedahl (Editor), Junie Lee (Illustrator), ISBN: 0740714813 PART I: LIVING & L EARNING WITH LOCAL BLACK HISTORY 15 Town of Christiansburg, VA Website, 16 Southwest Virginia Tourism Website, THE TIGER & THE TORCH Page | 93