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Consumer choice -Ver-3


SAMPLE CUSTOMER JOURNEY Bob, a new DES participant is seeking information from various providers before making a selection Bob receives a branded email from Your DES Service acknowledging his inquiry The following day he receives a phone call from an Inquiries Officer to discuss his needs Bob requests an Orientation Session at his local Your DES Service Bob sees video promoting Your DES service on social media and clicks to your website Bob goes to your website and completes the inquiry form, which includes some questions about his circumstances Bob receives an email confirming the details of his Orientation Visit Awareness Inquiry Initial Engagement You develop short videos profiling DES Participants and posts these to Facebook Hivetec Onboarding System: Checks for duplicates & creates new customer record Mobile friendly, branded email is automatically sent to customer Triggers onboarding workflow Hivetec Onboarding System: Customisable screening tool for DES eligibility and personal servicing requirements Updates customer record Automatically sends branded email to customer on booking of Initial Engagement Your website has been redesigned to be more user friendly and easier to navigate 14 Inquiry Officer receives: Workflow task to call customer within 24 hours Inquiry Officer receives: Prompts to screen customer for eligibility and capture info about needs Orientation Visit appointment in calendar Access to customer data captured to date YOUR DES SERVICE

Bob catches public transport to the Your DES Office. He's offered refreshments and given a full tour of the office The DES Consultant notes that Bob expressed interest in retail during his initial phone call and talks to him about recent successful Your DES placements in retail Bob is pleased with the visit and agrees to sign up with Your DES Service. The DES Consultant arranges a convenient time for his first appointment WELCOME Bob receives an email confirming the details for his appointment The email includes a welcome pack, and a link to some personalised forms which he can complete online prior to his appointment When Bob arrives for his appointment, he is greeted at reception, offered refreshments, and the password for the free WiFi service Bob is introduced to the DES Consultant who specialises in the retail sector The Consultant gathers a few more details to complete the forms that Bob filled out online Bob appreciates that most of the time is spent developing his personal plan for getting back into work After the appointment, Bob receives an email thanking him for choosing Your DES Service. This includes additional information to help him start his journey, and a link to a short survey Orientation Visit Pre Attachment Initial Appointment Hivetec Onboarding System: Automatic email detailing what they can expect from their Orientation Visit Google Maps link Enables the seamless customer experience from centralised Inquiries Officer to distributed Consultants Hivetec Onboarding System: Automated email with pre-appointment pack Pre-populates forms with customer information Automated appointment reminder for customer Hivetec Onboarding System: Customer record – key information summarised Connects customer onboarding record to ESS Automated thank you email Consultant receives: Consultant receives: Consultant receives: Workflow task: specific based on Inquiries Officers assessment Workflow task: complete orientation checklist Initial Appointment scheduled in Calendar and ESS Notification when customer has completed online forms Workflow task: specific based on responses provided in online forms Additional time to provide a quality customer experience 15 HIVETEC.COM.AU/DES

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