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3 Signs You’ve Picked the Right SEO Agency

Communication Beyond

Communication Beyond anything, when it comes to your search engine optimisation provider, you want to see solid and comprehensive communication. The first week of a campaign is vital to ensure that you as an organisation are aware of what is requiredregarding both technical information (various logins and accesses), communication processes (approvals) and responsibilities. If you don’t have these from your service provider, have a chat with them and push for this information yourself. While it’s not ideal to be chasing this up, at least if they can provide information, everything will be back on track. It is important to note that providers may not choose to communicate on a significantly frequent basis, with monthly reporting processes interspersed with small adjustments the norm. Reporting A critical sign to look for is clear and concise reporting practices. SEO companies will typically hide behind their reporting to obscure less than satisfactory results, or worse, to hide a lack of work. Yes, it’s true: providers that don’t report their work may be under delivering what was promised. Critically for organisations that are hiring SEO providers, they must review reports and seek to understand the information provided. Of course, discussing the information with the provider is also important, but if there is limited reporting or complex elements, without clarification, it can become a more significant issue. Slow Progression Don’t get me wrong; SEO companies are hired to deliver results, but it is fundamental to note that even if your site has been optimised previously, working with a new agency is at least a two-month process before any significant results can be achieved. After that even, it is unrealistic to expect significant improvements month-on-month. While we’re looking for net growth across all targeted keywords, progress needs to be steady and ongoing. Sharp jumps or declines are not as much of an issue as some might expect. SEO is a long-term process; anyone that promises you otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to real progress to be made.

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