8 months ago

Introducing a Line of Shirts and Apparel for Hula Hoopers

Introducing The Hooper Collection - A line of apparel designed for hula hoop lovers. It is inspired by hula hoop fitness, hoop dance and the flow arts. Each items sold in the store helps support mental health, children and families.


Table of Contents About The Hooper Collection ….…3 About the Charities It Supports….…4 The Latest Designs…………….........5 Learn More Here 2

About The Hooper Collection A New Collection of Designs for the Hula Hoop Lover, by a Hula Hoop Lover Are you having a hard time finding great shirts for hoopers online? Well, if you are, then The Hooper Collection solves this problem for you. The Hooper Collection was launched in late 2017 by Erica Preston. Erica Preston is a health and fitness professional as well as entrepreneur. One of her missions is to provide quality health and fitness resources for women. She firmly believes that a great increase in one’s quality of life can be made through proper exercise, diet and sound mental health. Her profound love for hula hooping gave her the idea to launch this line of apparel for hoopers. She also provides hula hoop fitness classes in the Columbus, Ohio area. Details can be found here. Finally, there is a large collection of hooping shirts and other merchandise designed specifically for the hooping community. The Hooper Collection of hooping shirts has many unique designs. The designs are simple yet signify the topic and are also available in various colors. They have a range of styles to choose from too. These designs are available in cozy t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and many more styles. You can go online to the website and find a great hooping shirt for yourself. This new creative online clothing store is yet another success for her as this shows her love to the hooping community and charities that she is passionate about. The owner Erica Preston mainly supports mental health, children and families with her line. A portion of the proceeds of each and every item sold in her collection goes directly to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America or Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio. 3