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Soda Breezy 2 - Manual ITA/ENG

Soda Breezy 2 soda maker, transform faucet water into sparkling water in a few seconds. It does not require electricity. With Soda Breezy you can get soft drinks by mixing water with concentrated by own taste, like Cola or Orange. Instructions: 1 * Fill bottle to indicated water level, preferably cold water to obtain a better carbonation and replace screw it to device by turning it counterclockwise. IMPORTANT: Do not fill bottle over the limit and never introduce Co2 if bottle is empty or half full because too much pressure can damage it. 2 * Press center button to dosage of CO2 for 3/4 seconds (more or less sparkling) and faucet water will turn into sparkling water. The vent that you feel is normal and indicates end of carbonation, is venting of Co2 in excess that is released for security. 3 * Enable decompression pushing bottle towards outside until you hear a vent excess and unscrew it from device clockwise. 4 * To create your own fizzy drink you can now add concentrated juice like you will and when finished you can screw with its cap and store in refrigerator. System components: 1x Soda Breezy 2 1x Clear Cover for CO2 injector.(Keeps injector hygienic and free from dust when mounting bottle.) 1x Co2 loaded Cylinder 450gr. - 60/70lt. Sparkling water. 1x PET bottle 1lt. reusable with cap and gasket. 1x gasket parts for co2 cylinder. 1x Manual Dimensions: (H) 44.5 x (D) 21x (L) 15.5 cm. The Soda Breezy 2 cylinders with ACME connection can be used with other soda maker commercially available as: Imetec bubbles, the machine water Beghelli, WasserMaxx, Wassermate, Sodastream and Sodaclub, Happy Frizz, Smart Filter, Frizza. (The described brands are trademarks of their respective owners.) * We provide only businesses companies such as distributors, retailers, manufacturers and assemblers.

Soda Breezy 2 - Manual

2 2 Il ciclo del risparmio Non avrai più il problema di sistemare e trasportare pesanti casse d’acqua The savings cycle You will no longer have to settle and carry heavy watercourses Gasatore manuale per acqua Manual soda maker for water 2 Non dovrai più comprare l’acqua Buy water no longer A B Componenti del sistemaaaaaa 1x Soda Breezy 1x Cover trasparente per iniettore Co2 (Mantiene l’iniettore igienico e libero dalla polvere quando non monta la bottiglia). 1x Cilindro carico Co2 450gr. 60/70lt. di acqua frizzante. 1x Bottiglia in PET da 1lt. riutilizzabile con tappo a guarnizione. 1x Guarnizione di ricambio per bombola CO2. IT EN 2 C Dimesioni Dimensions A 440 mm B 155 mm C 205 mm PET aaaaaSystem components 1x Soda Breezy 1x Transparent Cover for Co2 Injector (Keeps the injector hygienic and free from dust when not in use). 1x 450gr. Co2 load cylinder 60 / 70lt. of sparkling water. 1x 1lt. PET bottle reusable with gasket and cap. 1x Spare gasket for CO2 bottle. Non dovrai più smaltire bottiglie vuote You will have to dispose of empty bottles no more 100% amico dell’ambiente 100% environmentally friendly Biossido di carbonio . Anidrite carbonica ADR 2.2 . Gas non infiammabile e non tossico E290 per uso alimentare Carbon dioxide . Carbon Dioxide ADR 2.2 . Non-flammable and non-toxic E290 gas used for food preparation SODA MAKER AVVITA LA BOTTIGLIA SCREW THE BOTTLE PREMI IL PULSANTE DEL GASATORE PUSH THE GAS BUTTON SPINGI VERSO L’ESTERNO E SVITA LA BOTTIGLIA PULL AND UNSCREW THE BOTTLE TRANSFORMA L’ACQUA DEL RUBINETTO IN ACQUA FRIZZANTE IN POCHI SECONDI NON RICHIEDE ENERGIA ELETTRICA CHANGE TAP WATER INTO SPARKLING WATER IN A FEW SECONDS IT DOESN’T REQUIRE ELECTRICITY

Soda Breezy 2 Soda Maker - Manual ITA/ENG
Soda Breezy S Soda Maker - Manual ITA/ENG
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