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future trends in policing 2014


52 FUTURE TRENDS IN POLICING Regionalization, consolidations, and privatization initiatives Type of cost-saving resource/function # of LE agencies participating Specific examples Regional Teams, Units, and Task Forces Shared Resources Citizen Involvement Private Sector Partnership Regional 911/Dispatch 24 Regional SWAT 18 Regional Task Force (general) 10 Regional Drug Team 9 Regional Training 8 Regional RMS 7 Regional Analysis/Intel 6 Regional/State Forensics 6 Regional Gang Unit 5 Regional Air Unit 5 Regional Auto Theft Unit 4 Regional Bomb Team 4 Regional K-9 Unit 4 Regional Child Crime Unit 4 Regional Negotiators 3 Regional Detention Centers 3 Regional Dive Team 3 Regional Cybercrime 3 Regional Drunk/DUI Unit 2 Regional CIT 2 Regional Task Force (other) 21 Shared technology 3 Shared building 3 Volunteers/Interns 11 Civilians 3 Private Security Guards 5 Private Sector Partnerships (general) Private Sector Partnerships (other) Private Jail 2 Private Victim Services 2 Private Forensics 2 Federal Federal Partnership (JTTF) 6 Other Other 3 3 (Administrative services, fraud task force, medical strike team, victim liaison, haz-mat, crowd control, sex predator, domestic violence, traffic, emergency management, motor unit, theft unit) 3 (False alarm program, impound, internal affairs) (Contract with military, consolidate administrative staff, share grant coordinator)

Appendixes 53 PARTNERSHIPS 9. What partnerships with non law enforcement agencies does your agency currently use or expect to use in the future? (Select all that apply) Partnership Currently Not currently doing and no Next 2–5 years doing immediate plans to start Businesses/Corporations 69.3% 21.2% 14.8% Non-profit or NGO 79.9% 15.9% 10.6% Police Foundations 45.5% 22.8% 35.4% Private security companies 33.9% 12.2% 54.5% Other local law enforcement agencies 93.7% 11.1% 2.6% Other private organizations 54.0% 13.2% 28.0% Nearly all of responding agencies are currently partnering with other local law enforcement agencies (93.7 percent), and a vast majority is currently working with non-profits or NGOs (79.9 percent), and businesses or corporations (69.3 percent). While one third of respondents are currently partnering with private security companies (33.9 percent), over half (54.5 percent) have no plans to do so. 10. If you are currently using or planning to use non law enforcement partnerships, please describe. If you don’t have any examples to provide, please mark N/A in the space provided. Partnership n Examples Non-Profit Organizations Schools/Universities 18 DARE, University Police Law Enforcement Foundations 12 Police Foundation, IACP 53 Rotary Club, Lions, Victims Awareness, MADD, YWCA, United Way, Child Advocacy Centers, Senior Centers Government Agencies 20 Department of Corrections, Department of Health Private Sector 40 Motorola, Target, NASCAR, Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot Religious Groups 11 Clergy Groups, Churches Neighborhood Association 9 Neighborhood Associations, Apartment Complexes Business/Commerce Organizations 14 Chamber of Commerce, Business Associations When asked to provide examples, 53 respondents named non-profit organizations, such as Rotary Clubs, Lions, Victims Awareness, MADD, YWCA, United Way, Child Advocacy Centers, and Senior Centers. Forty agencies listed private sector partners, which included major corporations (Motorola, Target, NASCAR, Lowes, Walmart, and Home Depot) as well as local businesses. Some agencies noted that they do not necessarily partner with businesses directly, but work with their local chamber of commerce or other business association (n=14). Note that these are not mutually exclusive categories, as some agencies listed multiple partners.

future trends in policing 2014
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