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future trends in policing 2014

iv Letter from the

iv Letter from the Director of the COPS Office Dear colleagues, In partnership with the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and Target, I am pleased to present Future Trends in Policing—featuring the results of a national forum and survey that examined the changing practices of policing. Specifically, the focus was on new technologies and strategies such as: predictive policing; the importance of building strong partnerships with the community, academia, and federal law enforcement agencies; the use of social media to disseminate information as well as gather intelligence; the growing threat of cybercrime; and changes in workforce demographics that may result in new organizational structures for police agencies. The forum and survey helped frame the thoughts and practices of police, researchers, private sector partners, and other experts. This publication embodies the knowledge and consensus of the key stakeholders who were present at the forum, participated in the survey, and represented the public’s best interest in regards to public safety. The COPS Office, PERF, and Target facilitated an honest discussion between experts of key fields by acting as an independent arbiter on the issue of the future of public safety. By developing effective strategies in public safety and communicating these strategies to all officers and the public, law enforcement will gain the advantage of strong relationships with internal, external, and political audiences. I hope you will find this publication helpful in your local efforts, and we encourage you to share this publication, as well as your success, with other law enforcement practitioners. Sincerely, Ronald L. Davis, Director Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

v Acknowledgments PERF would like to thank the U.S. Justice Department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) and Target Corporation for supporting this examination of emerging issues that local law enforcement agencies are confronting and that will have an impact on policing in the next two-to-five years. We are grateful to the COPS Office Director Ronald Davis and former Acting Director Joshua Ederheimer for recognizing the importance of identifying technologies that are changing policing and trends that will affect future operations and practices. We are also thankful for our program managers, Zoe Mentel and Melissa Bradley, who were supportive and enthusiastic throughout the project. We would also like to thank the law enforcement agencies that participated in our survey on the future of policing. Their responses and insights guided our research and the agenda for the executive session in Minneapolis in August 2012. And we are especially indebted to Mahogany Eller, who generously offered Target Headquarters as the location for our executive session and provided exceptional assistance in hosting the meeting. Thanks also go to the police chiefs, scholars, and other professionals who participated in our executive session (see Appendix C for a list of participants). Many of these leaders provided a detailed look into their agencies’ successes and challenges with available technologies, regional partnerships, private partnerships, multi-disciplinary collaborations, and cultural and operational trends. Finally, credit is due to PERF staff members who conducted the survey, prepared for and hosted the executive session, and helped write and edit this report, including Jessica Toliver, David Green, Shannon Branly, Megan Collins, Kevin Greene, and Craig Fischer.

future trends in policing 2014
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