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ISA / Intelligence Support Activity, Star Citizen Org. Recruitment JOIN US NOW:

Intelligence support

Intelligence support Activity Disavowed by the Government, Unknown to the Public, Feared by our Enemies. Our Mission is to protect Humanity and ensure its Supremacy. We are the FIRST and LAST DefenSe line. Without intelligence, there is no victory! We are the ISA. We fight, that others may live JOIN US NOW! 1 ISA / Intelligence Support Activity, 2018

OUR HISTORY The ISA, a short form of Intelligence Support Activity, is a Strategic Defense and Intelligence Service of the UEE´s Military. The main focus of the Military Compartment is Intelligence gathering behind enemy lines but also capable to perform direct combat operations. The ISA remained a long-time secret of the UEE-Military. Since its creation in 1980, There´s not much to know about the Intelligence-Service. During 2582 and 2597, the ISA reportedly conducted a big number of illegal acts against the law. After the Military-Justice became aware of the extremely shady Operations it immediately reacted and pulled the ISA out of Service. After a few months, the Global and Interplanetary Situation started to worsen. The UEE knew it would have to bring the ISA back to life to conquer the evergrowing threat to the Empire even when it is completely corrupted. Our Initiative has just begun, join us and change the history for yourself, the ISA and all Humanity. 2 ISA / Intelligence Support Activity, 2018