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Everything You Need to Know About ICICI Bank Personal Loan 2018

A loan availed from the best lender can make the borrower get the best from the personal loan. ICICI is one of such renowned lenders in the nation with whom a borrower is certain to get the best services at the best rates. Blog: Apply for a Loan: Facebook : Twitter:


ICICI Bank Personal Loan ICICI provides unsecured personal loans to the customers without any collateral. Such loans are multipurpose loans which can be used for any purpose. There are many features which have made ICICI one of the best choices for a personal loan. Features of ICICI Personal Loan Online Application- One of the excellent features of ICICI personal loans is the facility of applying for the loan online. A loan seeker can apply for a personal loan online by using the website or mobile application of the bank. Minimal Documentation- The documentation process of ICICI bank is indeed very simple. The basic KYC documents along with the income proof are enough for applying for a personal loan. Fund Transfer- ICICI transfers the loan amount to the bank account of the borrower through Fund Transfer. This process makes the access to the loan amount very simple. High Amount Of Loan- This bank allows to avail a loan up to Rs.20,00,000. The loan amount of an applicant is decided on the repayment capacity of the borrower. One can even take a loan for smaller amounts like Rs. 50,000. Multipurpose Loans- The personal loan which is availed through ICICI is an all-purpose loan. One can use this loan to fulfill any of his needs. Either it may a marriage expense or funding an urgent travel, one can use it for any purpose. Fixed Rate of Interest- The fixed rate of interest is a kind of interest which remains unchanged until the end of the tenure. The fluctuation of the market makes no changes on this type of interest rate. One can be relaxed once the loan is disbursed, he has to pay the same amount of EMI even if the interest rate has gone high after the sanctioning of the loan. Daily Reducing Basis Interest- Daily Reducing Basis Interest is applicable on such loans which means the principal amount will be reduced on a daily basis. A daily reducing interest is always more profitable for the borrower.

Collateral Free Loan- ICICI bank provides unsecured loans for personal uses. An unsecured loan is a collateral free loan. One can take such loans proofing the regular cash flow. ICICI personal loans are available to the borrowers without any security. Attractive Interest Rate- Personal Loan Interest Rate of ICICI bank is very low. This bank provides personal loans at competitive interest rates. The interest rate of ICICI bank starts from 10.99%. Online Access- Just as the online application, ICICI credit account can be handled online. As access to managing the credit account online is provided by the bank to every customer. One can pay the EMIs, check the balance, get all information on the loan by the accessing the loan account. Prepayment and Part Payment Facility- Pre-payment and part payment are the two options which bring the cost of borrowing down. ICICI bank provides both of these facilities. The facility can be availed only after completion of the lock-in period. Different Modes Of Paying EMIs- The repayment process of personal loan taken from ICICI bank is Versatile. One can choose Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), PDC and Auto Debit Facility i.e. the EMI amount is debited directly from the applicant’s bank account. ICICI personal loan eligibility As it is seen that there are a number of benefits one must prove himself eligible for an ICICI bank personal loan. The Eligibility criterion on ICICI bank personal loan is the age. The age of the applicant which is considered eligible varies according to their profession. Salaried-23 years - 58 years Self-employed individuals- 28 years- 65 years doctors- 25 years -65 years

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