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5.4.11 5.4.12 Moving

5.4.11 5.4.12 Moving towards achieving the vision of the Green Infrastructure Strategy will require each development proposal to consider how it can contribute to improving connectivity in the network. Key linkages between areas of green infrastructure will be targeted through the JCS-wide Strategic Green Infrastructure Map and the urban area green infrastructure maps contained in the Green Infrastructure Strategy. Proposals that improve the accessibility of the green infrastructure network for sports, play and travel, for example by creating, improving or extending footpaths, bridleways and cycling links, will therefore be encouraged. Accessibility improvements should take account of the need to protect the ecological function of these corridors in accordance with Policy SD9. Where specific policies are required to designate and protect local green infrastructure assets (such as public parks, sports pitches, allotments or local green space), these will be included in District plans and illustrated on associated Policies Maps. Other detailed policies relating to green infrastructure provision and protection, such as tree-planting requirements and Tree Preservation Orders, will also be contained in District plans where necessary. Ancient woodland and veteran trees will be protected in accordance with the NPPF. 5.4.13 5.4.14 5.4.15 The indicative site layout for the Strategic Allocation at North West Cheltenham indicates where a green buffer should be retained near Swindon Village when master planning this area in accordance with Policy SA1. The Cheltenham Plan will allocate the specific boundaries of Local Green Space in this area, along with any other Local Green Space to be allocated in the Borough. Mechanisms and funding streams associated with other countywide and local strategies will help to secure improvements to green infrastructure. These include strategies for parks and open spaces, biodiversity / nature conservation and local transport. Landscapescale projects that support the delivery of Policy SD9 will particularly be encouraged. Proposals that enable the expansion, buffering and reconnection of native and ancient woodland will also be encouraged. District plans may include policy or guidance on making provision for play space or improvements to recreational provision associated with growing populations. Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy 2011-2031 Adopted December 2017 86

INF4 – SOCIAL & COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE Background 5.5.1 Everyone living and working in the JCS area should have access to facilities that meet their everyday needs. Essential social and community infrastructure includes schools, health services, community and spiritual centres, libraries, sports pitches, open space, and children’s crèche and play provision. Other cultural and sports facilities, such as museums, galleries and entertainment venues, serve the community whilst also providing an important tourist attraction. By bringing people together and providing opportunities for social and physical activity, all these facilities contribute to quality of life, health and well-being in the area. Policy INF4: Social and Community Infrastructure 1. Proposals to develop land or buildings currently or previously in use as a community facility will demonstrate, including evidence of engagement with relevant local community groups and partner organisations, why the facility is no longer required and, as appropriate, how, when and where suitable local replacement facilities will be provided. Provision of replacement facilities will have regard to the locational and other relevant elements of this policy 2. Where new residential development will create, or add to, a need for community facilities, it will be fully met as on-site provision and / or as a contribution to facilities or services off-site. New or refurbished provision will be of an appropriate type, standard and size. From an early stage, developers will be expected to engage with the relevant local authorities and infrastructure providers and, as appropriate, relevant local community groups where they exist, to ensure that new provision meets the needs of the community that it will serve and is fit for purpose 3. Social and community infrastructure should be centrally located to the population it serves and be easily accessible on foot and by bicycle. It should be located so as to have the potential to be well-served by public transport. Developers should aim to provide flexible, multifunctional facilities within mixed-use developments, creating shared space which maximises benefits to the community and minimises land-take. In the case of open space, ‘easily accessible’ means it is located within reasonable walking distance of the development it serves. New facilities should be accessible to all members of the community, and be planned and phased in parallel with new development. This policy contributes towards achieving Objectives 6, 7, 8 and 9. Explanation 5.5.2 By providing and helping to maintain social and community infrastructure, development has an important role in promoting social well-being and creating healthy, inclusive communities. For the purpose of this policy and having regard to the JCS IDP, infrastructure in this respect includes facilities for education and training, health and social care, community and culture, village halls, local shops and pubs, libraries, places of worship, major sporting attractions, leisure centres and children’s play provision. Infrastructure for health, social care and education are essential community facilities that will need to be assessed in accordance with the NPPF. Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy 2011-2031 Adopted December 2017 87

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