4 months ago

Go Complete Red This Valentine’s Day

Perhaps the most awaited day for any young person is a valentine’s day. Yes, a day of love to celebrate love with your loved one. Red symbolizes love, passion, joy, affection and attraction. Also, red is a versatile colour. Red goes very well with both black and white. Also, it is often worn with blue and gray designer handbags.

White is the colour of

White is the colour of perfection and peace. You can go for all white decorations for your party and dress up in red dress or can do vice-versa. MIQL Tip: ​If you are a passionate romantic girl, go for ​the combination of black and red​. Nothing lifts a black outfit more than a bright, bold colour and red certainly does it.….go for black party on Valentine’s night. Here are some rocking black food ideas Liquorice, black jellybeans, and aniseed lollies for sweet nibbles. Drink cola and eat black pasta.

MIQL Tip: Some fashions never go old, still always look elegant. For instance Red and Gold combo - it looks exciting and suitable for all skin tones. Also, gold is a popular theme for big parties like New Years Parties, and for 50th wedding anniversaries (the ‘golden anniversary’). Anyways, there are massive ranges of gray – timeless and practical colour. But all its shades indicate cool, neutral and balanced psychology. It also reflects maturity.