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YOUR BANNERS. So again, be very careful what you choose to promote. Once you have set these up you are ready to move on to Step 3. STEP THREE MUST JOIN SITE NO. 1 - TE LISTBUILDER OK, so now we are ready to start joining the actual sites in our downline builder and site No. 1 is TE Listbuilder, a site run by Blaine Jones and Shane Bost of New Line Marketing. Once again a reminder to watch the instruction video as well as reading this manual before signing up for each site. List building is at the centre of everything we do as internet marketers and this is why this site is No. 1 on our list. To have any chance of succeeding in our online endeavours we need to build up a list of interested prospects who grow to know, like and trust us and who will eventually become loyal customers of everything we recommend. If we just start to promote our main offer we will find it very tough going. Nobody knows who we are and there is no trust there to order from an unknown quantity and fork out hard earned cash. So, we first need to win over potential prospects by offering them something, whether that is free advice, coaching, or a freebie like a free e-book (you will have plenty of them to give away once you have completed the downline builder!). Think of it this way. If you ran a convenience store, would you walk up and down the highway with loaves of bread, bottles of milk and bags of apples and then shove them in front of peoples faces and say 'here, look, buy this, it's really fresh' OR would you try and get these customers to come into your shop, so that they could see how clean and well organised it is and how polite and friendly the staff are. I'm pretty certain you would think that the second option would produce better results. Well, your list is your shop full of potential customers, whereas if you just promote your affiliate links without list building you are like the man walking up and down the highway trying to sell something - it's just never going to work for you! TE Listbuilder is a brilliant site that takes you through step by step how to set up and build your list using traffic exchanges (and mailers). To join, click on the link above the training video that says 'TE Listbuilder'. Then, follow the set up videos which are explained in excellent detail by Blaine and are really easy to follow. First of all you need to join the BASIC membership. This is a one-off payment of $17 that will enable you to use the site and set up your autoresponder. We strongly recommend that you use Rocket Responder as your autoresponder, which we will be joining as site no. 5. However, if you want to use one of the other accepted autoresponders at TE Listbuilder then this is also okay. (NOTE - if you don't know what an autoresponder is don't worry - this will be explained when you join site no. 5 and you can then go back into the TE Listbuilder site and get set up.) Once you have taken up the BASIC membership, you then need to upgrade to the PRO membership, which costs $20 per month. This will enable you to access the 10

advanced training on the site and get you higher 50% commissions which will be essential for you to hit the 'Epic Way To $100k' targets. MOST IMPORTANT of all the Pro membership allows you to record VIDEO content to promote TE Listbuilder. My results at promoting the site since I started using video are HUGE compared to when I was just using splash pages, even personalised ones. There is absolutely no doubt that video content will produce far better results with today's sophisticated internet generation than plain text and/or photos. However, be aware that you should still also use some splash page advertising as some internet marketers surf with the volume turned down and they will not see/hear your video content. If you want some simple advice on how to record a video on Youtube and incorporate it into TE Listbuilder then please e-mail me at If you are an Elite Platinum member (which you should be if you are serious about achieving the 'Epic Way') then ask me for advice about using video in our one-to-one coaching sessions. If you wish I can write a simple script for you to use when recording a video. A lot of people worry about seeing themselves on camera but there is no need to get hung up about it, just act natural and be yourself - you are not reading the news you are just telling your story. Once you have upgraded to PRO and set up your autoresponder (if you already have one, otherwise wait until we join site no. 5) you should leave the remainder of the TE Listbuilder training and come back to it later. We are now ready to join must join site no. 2 but first, here are the financial returns we should be expecting from TE Listbuilder once we hit the various target levels:- TE LISTBUILDER EARNINGS:- EPIC FLYER - $85 in one off payments - $100 per month. EPIC FALCON - $170 in one off payments - $200 per month. EPIC EAGLE - $255 in one off payments - $300 per month. EPIC FREE BIRD - $340 in one off payments - $400 per month. EPIC TIGER - $425 in one off payments - $500 per month. For each part of the plan we will show you what you can earn in upfront (one off) payments (if anything) and then what you can earn in monthly payments (if anything) when people upgrade. All of the elements of the plan add up to give you an overall earnings level based on the totality of the plan. The earnings projection above is based on you being a PRO upgraded member yourself, entitling you to 50% commissions. If you have any questions about how the compensation plan works, then please contact me at All Elite Platinum members will have detailed training on the compensation plan in their one on one training with me. Don't forget that all of your 'Tigers' in your downline will also be upgraded and so they will also get exactly the same personal coaching and training from me that you will be getting. So, that's it for the TE Listbuilder upgrade. Let's get on with joining site No. 2 which is an excellent site called Leased Ad Space. 11

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