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Joel has created a

Joel has created a brilliant program because not only will we be getting the usual monthly commissions from those that sign up in our downlines, but we will also REPEAT ORDERS from people buying the supplements and vitamins that are an integral part of the program. I explained earlier that for a plan to work it has to offer GENUINE products that people WANT and NEED, and need to order each and every month. With NOW Lifestyle Joel has hit on an absolute winner. It is quite possible to join the ‘100k Club’ from this program alone, and many of you will become hooked on the program and want to promote it heavily, and indeed use the products to get fit yourselves! That is fine – but the ‘Epic Way’ program is built on this opportunity being part of a portfolio of products that creates a huge number of different income streams and so we are only asking you at this stage to join the program at the basic ‘Reseller’ level. To join sign up for the $1 dollar TRIAL. You will then be registered as a marketer (to use the systems internal autoresponder program) and also as a Reseller of the products. When you get some spare time go through the training and set up your autoresponder messages and take the fitness assessments. TheEpic Way’ is not based on you ordering any products but you are free, and indeed encouraged to do so as they are superb! The commission plan for this site is very complex and you should watch the training on the videos to see it in full. You can build a team many layers deep and earn huge amounts from this program – many in Richard’s team are earning well over $100k a year from this program alone. However, at this point in time we are going to resist the e-mails asking us to upgrade or to pay for solo ads, as we want to concentrate on our reseller activities. If you want a more detailed description of the compensation plan for this program then please contact me and I will talk you through it. However, what you need to know is that because your commissions are paid in TWO parts, you are effectively going to be getting 100% commissions from each new monthly signup. Don’t forget to watch the instruction video before completing the signup, and then come back and fill in your affiliate links. We are now ready to move on to our other CORE crucial program, Wealthy Affiliate, which is site no.7, but first those financials:- NOW LIFESTYLE EARNINGS:- EPIC FLYER - $NIL in one off payments - $500 per month. EPIC FALCON - $NIL in one off payments* - $1000 per month. EPIC EAGLE - $NIL in one off payments* - $1500 per month. EPIC FREE BIRD - $NIL in one off payments* - $2000 per month. EPIC TIGER - $NIL in one off payments* - $2500 per month. For each part of the plan we will show you what you can earn in upfront (one off) payments (if anything) and then what you can earn in monthly payments (if anything) when people upgrade. All of the elements of the plan add up to give you an overall earnings level based on the totality of the plan. The earnings projection above is based on you being an upgraded member yourself, entitling you to 100% monthly commissions (paid in two parts). It does not assume any earnings from product sales 18

or from residual downline payments. In reality you will receive both of these over time, which will significantly boost your earnings way above the figures quoted here. If you have any questions about how the compensation plan works, then please contact me at All Elite Platinum members will have detailed training on the compensation plan in their one on one training with me. Don't forget that all of your 'Tigers' in your downline will also be upgraded and so they will also get exactly the same personal coaching and training from me that you will be getting. So, that's it for the NOW Lifestyle upgrade. Let's get on with joining site No. 7 which is the second of our two CORE programs, Wealthy Affiliate. MUST JOIN SITE NO. 7 – WEALTHY AFFILIATE This site is, quite simply in my opinion, the best internet marketing site on the internet right now – bar none. As you know we very much put the emphasis on training here at and this site offers everything that an internet marketer could possibly want. Wealthy Affiliate is a super-active community of affiliate and internet marketers, all happy to network and share knowledge with one another. On the site you will find a superb step by step training program that will walk you through how to create and promote your own ‘niche’ websites and create multiple income streams as well as huge signups for your list. Every aspect of marketing online is covered, including building and setting up websites, traffic generation, advice in choosing and researching a niche, mailers and solo ads, google adwords and pay per click, affiliate marketing programs, using text ads and banners, e-mails, in fact pretty much everything you can possibly think of will be covered here. In addition, you will find hundreds of experienced internet marketing coaches online giving their own coaching to members for FREE. You can easily spend a whole day on the site just soaking up all the information and valuable knowledge available. The great thing about this site is that once people join they get hooked – the knowledge on offer and the community support is so great that hardly anyone ever cancels their upgrade – they find that they cannot live without the site after joining! There is also extensive advice on how to promote the site itself and to set yourself up as an internet marketing advisor – to comment as a reviewer of other programs to advise users whether they are worth joining. You can even win a trip to Vegas on the company if you hit certain affiliate signup targets! There is a lot of information you can get for FREE on this site, but we are going to signup for Premium membership, which costs a reduced rate of $19 for the first month. The price then increases to the regular price of $49 per month – I defy to find anyone who will argue that the price is not worth it for what you get in return from this brilliant program – I still try and find a few hours a week to go on there and learn something new – and every visit improves me further as an internet marketer as I always pick up vital new information from someone. 19

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