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The Epic Way To 100k (1) (1)


IMPORTANT – Don’t get bogged down with starting the training yet – or you will never get off the site! Simply go in and sign up for Premium and then set aside some time once you have completed the ‘Epic Way’ setup program to go back in and start working your way through the modules. If you can spare the time, I would strongly advise you to set aside between 3-6 hours per week to work on this site. It will greatly benefit you and contribute to your future financial success. OK, so that’s our second core program and we are now ready to move on to must join site no. 8 – but before that, here are our financials:- WEALTHY AFFILIATE EARNINGS:- EPIC FLYER - $NIL in one off payments - $250 per month. EPIC FALCON - $NIL in one off payments* - $500 per month. EPIC EAGLE - $NIL in one off payments* - $750 per month. EPIC FREE BIRD - $NIL in one off payments* - $1000 per month. EPIC TIGER - $NIL in one off payments* - $1250 per month. For each part of the plan we will show you what you can earn in upfront (one off) payments (if anything) and then what you can earn in monthly payments (if anything) when people upgrade. All of the elements of the plan add up to give you an overall earnings level based on the totality of the plan. The earnings projection above is based on you being a Premium upgraded member yourself, entitling you to 50% monthly commissions. If you have any questions about how the compensation plan works, then please contact me at All Elite Platinum members will have detailed training on the compensation plan in their one on one training with me. Don't forget that all of your 'Tigers' in your downline will also be upgraded and so they will also get exactly the same personal coaching and training from me that you will be getting. So, that's it for the Wealthy Affiliate Premium upgrade. Let's get on with joining site No. 8 which is the site where we are going to manage our traffic exchange advertising from, TE Command Post. MUST JOIN SITE NO. 8 – TE COMMAND POST This site is a superb resource for managing all of our traffic exchange advertising and credits, as well as acting as an excellent downline builder and centre to get extra credits, as the ‘commando surf’ feature can increase your surfing rewards by as much as 100%. If you are a complete newbie you may not know what a traffic exchange is. A traffic exchange is a site where you view other peoples websites and then, in return, you earn credits to display your own website to other people. The amount you earn will vary from site to site from 0.33 credits per view up to a 1:1 ratio at some sites. So, are traffic exchanges worth it? The short answer is YES, but it is a qualified yes. The ‘golden era’ of traffic exchanges has gone for the time being. The industry has 20

een beset by problems in recent years, such as issues with PayPal refusing to work with the industry, and this combined with other factors has seen the numbers using them reduce and the return on investment (ROI) declining. They are also very labour intensive if you are not upgraded in them, and you can spend hours clicking for credits. They are also the home of many ‘part-time marketers’ who only ever look for FREE opportunities and who spend their time clicking on the sites just to earn ‘pennies’ for clicking and to win incentive contests. These people never join any of the opportunities being advertised, except other traffic exchanges, and if they do they never upgrade. So, sounds like a waste of time, No? Well, no, actually as a lot of ‘newbie’ internet marketers still use traffic exchanges as their first port of call to learn about new opportunities and there are still plenty of seasoned internet marketers that still use them as well. Most marketers, including myself, have ‘wound down’ their use of traffic exchanges over the past couple of years but they still form an important low cost element of our advertising mix. So, how to use them? Well firstly make sure you concentrate on the core top producing exchanges that always deliver results (we have 3 of them later in the must join list). Then try and look at sites such as TE Hoopla that give rankings so you can keep on top of which sites are ‘hot’ right now, as this can change rapidly from month to month. Try and experiment with a range of sites, and if a really good upgrade deal comes up for just 3 or 4 dollars, they why not take it? I am upgraded in about 15 sites at the moment but I review these on a month by month basis and I am not going to recommend any to you – try and see which sites produce the best results for you using the Trck.Me tracker and then consider taking upgrades in those high converting sites. Silver and Platinum Elite members will get lots of info about current high performing traffic exchanges in my monthly ‘Elite Tigers newsletter’. So, how to use TE Command Post. First, sign up for the $9 upgrade, as this will enable you to add as many sites as you like. Then, add your affiliate links to all of the sites that you are currently a member of – and then join as many of the others as you possibly can. Don’t forget – this site is going to act as a massive downline builder for you – and if you are not signed up to a particular site then your referral will pass up to your sponsor. Many people will take upgrades at several of these different sites over time, so don’t miss out on these commissions! Once you have added and joined all the Exchanges log in once a day and check whether you are low on credits at the key traffic exchanges that you are targeting. Then do a bit of surfing to top the credits up, remembering to use the ‘commando surf’ feature to increase the number of credits that you get. Make sure you include a short visit to TE Command Post as part of your regular daily routine. IMPORTANT – don’t get bogged down with joining all the sites right now. Just go in and sign up and take the upgrade – then when you have finished your ‘Epic Way’ setup you can come back and complete the traffic exchange signups. Focus is very important in internet marketing – when you are performing one task it is important not to get sidetracked by another. So, that’s it for TE Command Surf. Let’s move on, but first those financials:- 21

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