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MUST JOIN SITE NO. 15 – PROMOTE MY BIZ PRO Our final ‘normal’ site before we add mailers is this site run by the eccentric owner ‘Home Biz Joe’. We nearly made it an optional one because, to be honest, it is a little bit odd, but we kept it in because of a couple of great features, including our old friend the 100% COMMISSIONS. So, once we have signed up we must complete the THREE signup steps. The first is a free trial for one of Joe’s websites – this is in effect the site admin fee and we don’t get paid any commissions on these. Next we need to sign up for a DAILY SOLO AD. These are sent out every day (Monday to Friday) on our behalf by the site admin and promote our PMBP splash page. They convert really well and I always get new signups at least every 1-2 days. The price is only $19.95 per month and this goes direct to your sponsor – yes, 100% commission every month. So, your very first ‘Tiger’ in your team will cover your cost. The next great feature is that you get given 500 free leads per week. These are leads with contact names and e-mail addresses and you can download them and promote any business offers. They are not the best quality leads, about 100-150 of the e-mail addresses will bounce, but bear in mind they are FREE and they do convert. In a few months you will have thousands of potential prospects for your funnels. Step THREE in the setup requires us to buy a training package for either $97 or $27 but the e-books on offer are excellent so take the higher package if you can afford to. However the plan in the ‘Epic Way’ is only based on you taking the $27 package. This is a one-off payment and once again it is 100% commissions. One of the quirky aspects of PMBP is that, even though you’ve paid for it, you still need to request your solo ads from Admin every FRIDAY by filling in an online form, otherwise you won’t get them. The same applies to your 500 free leads, it’s another form. Don’t forget to do this as otherwise you will have to wait another full week before you can apply again. So, join the site and complete steps 1-3. You will also need to set up the payment processors to receive your 100% commissions. The process is a little bit detailed but if you follow the step by step video instructions you will be fine. The site is eccentric but the combination of the FREE 2000 leads per month plus the daily solo ads for a really low price, combined with the 100% commissions, mean that we had to include it and it will add a decent chunk of cash to your ‘Epic Way’ plan. So get set up with Joe and then we will move on to the crucial business of traffic generation as we create a tidal wave of mailing credits with our 12 must join mailers. Here are those financials:- PROMOTE MY BIZ PRO EARNINGS:- EPIC FLYER - $270 in one off payments - $200 per month. EPIC FALCON - $540 in one off payments - $400 per month. EPIC EAGLE - $810 in one off payments - $600 per month. EPIC FREE BIRD - $1080 in one off payments - $800 per month. 30

EPIC TIGER - $1350 in one off payments - $1000 per month. For each part of the plan we will show you what you can earn in upfront (one off) payments (if anything) and then what you can earn in monthly payments (if anything) when people upgrade. All of the elements of the plan add up to give you an overall earnings level based on the totality of the plan. The earnings projection above is based on you taking the monthly solo ad upgrade and also the one-off $27 training package in step three, entitling you to 100% monthly commissions. If you have any questions about how the compensation plan works, then please contact me at All Elite Platinum members will have detailed training on the compensation plan in their one on one training with me. Don't forget that all of your 'Tigers' in your downline will also be upgraded and so they will also get exactly the same personal coaching and training from me that you will be getting. So, that's it for Promote My Biz Pro. Let's get on with joining must join mailer no.1 which is the astonishing Herculist. MUST JOIN MAILER NO.1 - HERCULIST Ok, so let's talk about mailers. Again, let's just head back to basics for a minute for the benefit of complete newbies. A mailer, or safelist, is a site that allows us to send e- mails to other members of the site that have agreed to receive them. Before you join a site you need to set up a new Gmail account in order to receive mails from the mailers and safelists. You will get a huge number of mails SO DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES give your normal e-mail address to a mailer or safelist. Now, some mailers (the better ones) will allow you to have 2 e-mail addresses, your real one and one for getting all the mails. These better sites allow you to purchase solo ads which then get sent to the REAL e-mail addresses of the users. As you can imagine, these solo ads are incredibly valuable and convert extremely highly. So, what is our mailing traffic strategy in 'The Epic Way'. Well, we gave it a lot of thought. We did think about including a solo ad buying strategy. However, I was clear that I wanted to come up with a marketing strategy that was within the budget of the 'ordinary marketer'. I absolutely agree that you have to invest money into any business to have a chance of success but I am also aware of the financial pressures that everyone has with mortgage or rent payments, household bills and everything else that comes with life in the 21st century. So I was determined to keep monthly expenditure on 'The Epic Way' down to around $500 a month, which I have more or less managed to achieve. In that way the absolute maximum that anyone ought to need to invest would be around $2000 as by month 4-5 the incoming funds should be starting to overtake the outgoing funds. Again, all of this is built on my initial marketing strategies that gave me success. Yes, I do now sometimes use solo ads to enhance my results, however I did not need to in order to hit the income levels indicated in the 'Epic Way'. So, rather than go down the solo ad route we are going to go for the TOP upgrade in a dozen high converting traffic exchanges 'the dynamic dozen' as I call them. These 12 sites will deliver literally MILLIONS of e-mails for you on a monthly basis and will 31

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