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ensure that you are

ensure that you are never short of traffic. All of them covert very highly, otherwise they wouldn't be on the list - and if any of them ever does stop converting they will be taken off the list and replaced by another one that does - it's not as if the mailer world is short on competition! Joining all these mailers is absolutely CRUCIAL to your success in the 'Epic Way'. Free traffic is going to be nowhere near enough. We need to ensure a mountain of traffic to our pages every single day. Sales really is still just a numbers game, regardless of what it is that you are selling. If you put enough people in front of your offer on a daily basis then a certain number will buy it, and that number will stay very consistent - it really is as brutally simple as that. Yes, some offers will convert better than others, but once you find out the number of hits that you need to get to achieve a signup, then that figure will stay broadly the same going forwards. So, it's a boring message but a vital one - the ONLY thing that will make you succeed with the 'Epic Way' is getting enough views of your affiliate link - and the only way to achieve that is by sending out MILLIONS of e-mails a month. It's really not rocket science - but too many internet marketing coaches like to pretend that it is! So, our focus is on getting a huge amount of e-mails out there to ensure our success. Yes, a lot of these mails will remain unopened but, guess what, plenty of them will be seen, not least because all of the FREE members of these mailers will have to open a certain number of mails each day in order to be able to send their own messages. Our mailer strategy is intended to maximise our use of time to the best effect, a lot of the mailers allow us to mail EVERY DAY, of the rest most are every TWO days and the worst in terms of time is every THREE days (but that includes the very best mailer of them all!). Also, we will not be having to do any mail opening or clicking ourselves, which will again save us a lot of time. In terms of what to send out, you should look in the 'affiliate' section of the website to see the latest e-mails to send out. These will be changed and update regularly. You should also have been sent an e-mail with a set of current e-mail messages to use. Contact if you have not received this. However, as a general rule you should always try and personalise your e-mail messages so that they are not the same as the ones everyone else is sending out. At the very least, consider using a different heading - sometimes I get as many as 20 messages into my Inbox at one time using the same subject heading - if I think I have already read that message I am likely to ignore it, and others will to. If you are confident in writing your own e-mail copy then you will find that this will generally convert much better than the pre-written e-mails. If you are a Platinum Elite member (which you should be) then take advantage of the training at and also check out relevant modules at Wealthy Affiliate. So, that is by way of an introduction and now we move back to the task in hand, which is joining Herculist. As with all these sites, if you are currently a member but not upgraded and with no downline referrals, then please delete your membership and signup again under your Epic sponsor. This will also mean that you get a second chance at the OTO on the site, which might save you some more money. 32

At Hercluist we are going to take the GOLD membership. This will allow us to send a mail to the entire list of 79,000 people EVERY DAY. Yes, that is well over 2.3 million mails sent a month just from this one mailer. The membership is only going to cost us $14.95 per month for the upgrade, making this the no-brainer of all nobrainers. So, go into the site and take the upgrade, send your first e-mail, and then come back to enter your affiliate links before we move on to mailer no.2. First, though, those all important financials:- HERCULIST EARNINGS:- EPIC FLYER - $NIL in one off payments - $75 per month. EPIC FALCON - $NIL in one off payments - $150 per month. EPIC EAGLE - $NIL in one off payments - $225 per month. EPIC FREE BIRD - $NIL in one off payments - $300 per month. EPIC TIGER - $NIL in one off payments - $375 per month. For each part of the plan we will show you what you can earn in upfront (one off) payments (if anything) and then what you can earn in monthly payments (if anything) when people upgrade. All of the elements of the plan add up to give you an overall earnings level based on the totality of the plan. The earnings projection above is based on you being an upgraded GOLD member at Herculist, entitling you to 50% commissions. If you have any questions about how the compensation plan works, then please contact me at All Elite Platinum members will have detailed training on the compensation plan in their one on one training with me. Don't forget that all of your 'Tigers' in your downline will also be upgraded and so they will also get exactly the same personal coaching and training from me that you will be getting. So, that's it for the Herculist upgrade. Let's get on with joining mailer No. 2 which is the jewel in the crown of mailers, The State-of-the-Art Mailer. MUST JOIN MAILER NO.2 - STATE-OF-THE-ART MAILER I really cannot speak too highly about this mailer, which has consistently given me my best results from mailings over many years, sometimes even surpassing the return rates from solo ads! It is the most expensive of any of our upgrades at $73 per month for Viralist membership, but boy is it worth it! With our Viralist upgrade we can mail every 3 days to 30,000 SOTAM members. We will also get in-line referrals. What this means is that, unlike the random referrals we get with some of our other upgrades, we are certain to get the next referral in-line. These referrals happen when someone joins SOTAM without a sponsor or when someone has a sponsor that leaves the program and they are then reassigned. You will quite often find that these in-line referrals take an upgrade and some of you will find that your upgrade for this site gets covered by your in-lines, although there is of course a little bit of an element of 'pot-luck' about this. A great feature of the upgrade none the less. 33

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