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The Epic Way To 100k (1) (1)

I want to change all

I want to change all that! I want people to be able to join on day one of their internet marketing journey and to be able to start making money from day two. No false starts, no broken promises, no financial horror stories. I wanted to create a simple system that people can just plug into and copy and that, if followed correctly, will produce exactly the same results that I'm currently getting. The system is based on the following:- 1) Detailed training, coaching and support. 2) Easy to follow instructions in both print and on video. 3) Tried and tested (and then tested again!) programs that are all producing CURRENT results. 4) A traffic generation program designed to produce MILLIONS of visitors per month to your affiliate links. 5) Multiple income streams that deliver both one-off and regular monthly payments to you. 6) Proven products that people both WANT and NEED. 7) Excellent admin support. 8) The creation of a community of members all wanting to help each other. 9) Multiple opportunities to promote YOUR OWN PROGRAMS alongside those on 10) A crypto currency element. 11) A OTO (one time offer) to end all one time offers! In the pages ahead I explain the entire system, telling you what to do at each individual step, which site to join in which order and which upgrade to take. I walk you through which marketing strategies to take and when to implement them. I give you the projected income levels from each program and what you should be doing to make sure that you hit your individual income targets. Your first target must be to achieve the rank of EPIC FLYER - which means that you will be projecting an annual income of $20k from You should aim to reach this milestone as quickly as possible before then climbing through the next four income levels until you eventually arrive at the (current) top level of EPIC TIGER - meaning that you are now projecting an income of $100k or over from your activities on over the next 12 months. I really mean it when I say that I want EVERYONE to hit these income levels. I know that this won't happen. Most people won't even bother reading this manual and most of those that do read it won't carry out the advice and instructions. There is nothing I can do about that and each person has their own individual reasons. However, for those that do this will be the turning point in their internet marketing careers, in the same way that it was for me when I learnt all this stuff, although in my case the individual elements contained in it were learnt step by painful step through trial and error - oh, how I would have loved to have had a manual like this when I started my own personal internet marketing journey! Anyway, let's work on the assumption that you're all going to buck the trend and follow the steps exactly - nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see huge numbers of our members step up to an income level that they previously never thought possible from online marketing and, more importantly, all the extra levels of personal lifestyle choice freedom that comes from earning a full-time income online. 4

All the tools for you to achieve exactly that are contained within this instruction manual, what you choose to do with them is entirely down to YOU. I can only lead you to the water, but I cannot make you drink it. I hope that you will choose to follow the path towards financial freedom and if you do then I will be delighted to have made a small contribution towards changing your future direction in life. I will be watching all of your journeys with great interest and willing you all to succeed. See You At The TOP Dawud Islam Internet Marketing & MLM Coach Owner & Admin - 5

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