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The Epic Way To 100k (1) (1)


START AS YOU MEAN TO GO ON - WHY YOU NEED THE ELITE PLATINUM UPGRADE When you log in to for the first time you will see our OTO (one time offer) which is, in my opinion, the best OTO currently available in the marketplace. The offer is designed to appeal to everyone that is serious about following the 'Epic Way To $100k' and is an integral part of the programme. As well as the usual upgraded package of personal advertising that you would expect from any program upgrade, membership of the Elite Platinum upgrade gives you crucial access to the following additional benefits:- 1) Personal one-on-one coaching from ME. Yes, I am offering all Elite Platinum members a personal coaching program to walk you through every aspect of implementing this plan to make sure that you don't fail. This can take place by Skype, Whats App, Viber, chat on social media, or by a series of e-mails - whichever works best for you. I will work with you individually for as long as it takes to get you plugged in to the program and getting the results that you want. I am not aware of any other program offering this level of coaching apart from 'high ticket' sales upgrades which cost thousands of pounds for hands on advice from an 'internet guru'. Well, I am no guru, but I can tell you that this plan certainly works and my coaching will be very effective in making sure that it works for you as well. 2) Elite Platinum members (along with Silver members) receive a FREE copy of my monthly 'Epic Tigers' newsletter, with up to the minute reports on internet marketing strategies and developments, as well as additional in-depth coaching and advice. 3) This item is really the 'jewel in the crown' of the upgrade. I have negotiated FREE SILVER UPGRADES at ten different training websites for Platinum Elite members. These sites will give you a thorough training in the fundamentals of internet marketing and this, along with membership of Wealthy Affiliate (an integral part of will ensure that Elite members are the best trained and best coached internet marketers on the web - BAR NONE. All of the Silver upgrades are on sale at the individual websites for $27 each (you can head over and check), meaning that this part of the upgrade on it's own has a value of $270. The ten sites that you will get the free silver upgrade at are as follows:- - the shortcuts to affiliate marketing success - e-mail marketing strategies for marketers & entrepreneurs - discover how to turn your passion into profits - how to write copy that gets results - discover the mindset hacks you need to succeed - create, promote & sell your own products online - discover how to fill your site with new leads - invest smarter, grow faster & retire rich - strategies for successful web entrepreneurs - everything you need to know about making money online The upgrade costs a one-off $67 via the one-time offer, or $19.99 per month via the site. The upgrade forms an important part of the 'Epic' plan and you are strongly advised to take advantage of it. 6

EXPECTED INCOME CALCULATIONS At each stage of the 'Epic Way To $100k' we include an income calculation based on the level of the plan that you are looking to achieve. Your first target is to reach the level of having TEN 'Tigers' in your team and that will take YOU to the level of ELITE FLYER. This will produce a projected annual income from the plan of $20k. So, what is a 'Tiger'? A Tiger is, quite simply, a committed internet marketer that joins in your downline at and decides to commit to the plan IN FULL. They will sign up for all the programs and follow this instruction manual in full. So, how do I get 10 Tigers? We will explain in full the marketing plan and traffic generation strategies later in this guide but, in crude numbers, you will need to sign up between 200-400 FREE signups to get TWO tigers per month. If you sign up 400 then the stats show us that around 100 of these will not even bother to confirm their e-mail address and so they will never enter the website or receive this manual. However, you will at least have their e-mail address and another name for your list! Another 100 will never bother opening the e-mail with this manual enclosed. The other half (so, 200) will open the e-mail and so they are at least 'in play'. Around 180 (90%) will not engage in the program in any meaningful way - they will maybe complete a few of the downline builder affiliate links for programs they are already members of and maybe sign up for FREE memberships at a couple of the sites, but that will be it. Of the remaining 20 most will engage with the program to some degree, so they may upgrade in at least a couple of the cheaper 'starter' programs and you will earn some money from them. However, from this number TWO of them will realise the true potential of this plan and will implement it IN FULL and start out on their own personal journey to $100k. These are your first two TIGERS. You may get better results than this as these are the WORST CASE SCENARIOS based on all my current stats. By signing up 400 you could get as many as FOUR TIGERS in your team but the absolute minimum will be TWO. If you can do this, then in five months you will hit your first target level of EPIC FLYER. Your next target is to hit the level of EPIC FALCON. For this you will be projecting an income of $40k per year and will have TWENTY TIGERS in your downline. Your target is to hit this level after TEN months. The next target is to hit the level of EPIC EAGLE. For this you will be projecting an income of $60k per year and will have THIRTY TIGERS in your team. Your target is to hit this level after 1 year, 3 months. The fourth target is to hit the level of EPIC FREE BIRD. For this you will be projecting an income of $80k per year and will have FORTY TIGERS in your team. Your target is to hit this level after 1 year, 8 months. The fifth and final target is to hit the level of EPIC TIGER, a leader of a pack of FIFTY TIGERS. For this you will be projecting an income of $100k per year. You should be looking to achieve this at the end of year two. 7

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