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AN INNOVATIVE STETHOSCOPE The has been used for auscultation (the monitoring of bodily sounds) for over 200 years. Used by doctors, nurses and other medical and paramedical professionals, it is likely the most popular medical device in the world. In the past 15 years, various Electronic Stethoscopes have entered the market, with improved amplification and digital capabilities. AND YET, THE MARKET RESPONSE HAS BEEN UNDERWHELMING. From the presentation of non- natural “metallic” sounds, ambient noise interference and insignificant amplification to battery power dependency and a conservative customer community, the significance of auscultation is generally in decline. WizeMed, a division of WizeDSP focusing on medical instrumentation has adopted a scientific approach to stethoscope innovation, developing a market-changing technological advantage that will revolutionize auscultation as a science! WWW.EXAMPLE.WEB 2

FUNCTIONALITIES HEAR THIS! WizeMed’s devices for manual auscultation (i.e., digital stethoscopes) include auscultation research systems and infrastructure, as well as portable and continuous auscultation and bedside auscultation. Our stethoscopes capture significantly less internal noise, for a clearer listening experience, lower power consumption and substantially extended battery life. The integration of WizeDSP’s revolutionary high SNR microphone and proprietary Active Absolute Noise Cancellation creates a completely new dimension of NATURAL DEEP SOUND RECEPTION. Our digital stethoscopes are the only devices that enable advanced artificial intelligence technologies for auscultation, allowing medical professionals to SENSE BODY SOUNDS AND ANOMALIES THEY HAVE NEVER HEARD BEFORE. Our hardware and advanced interface, including a desktop and mobile app, possess advanced sharing and diagnostic features. And added cardio functionalities enable the digital detection and analysis of murmurs, systolic performance and more – traditionally requiring ECG and heart Echo exams. So, whether you’re using our medical practitioner optimized auscultator at your practice or relying on our telemedicine optimized auscultator to record bodily sounds from a distance, when you use a WizeMed device, you’re helping us BRING AUSCULTATION BACK TO THE FOREFRONT OF DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH. FDA clearance in process Wireless Bluetooth connectivity USB connector IOS, Android and PC compatibility Easy attachment to traditional stethoscope or headphones Dry-contact and biocompatible surfaces 3

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