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wizedsp Brochure A4 Ver 1

BENEFITS First HD sound

BENEFITS First HD sound system for auscultation Hear bodily sounds and detect anomalies with greater resolution and accuracy The best choice for telemedicine Remotely monitor and track your patient’s bodily sounds with exceptional precision – as if you were in the patient’s room Designed for integration & ease of use Technologically-forward, our devices fully integrate with HER and telemedicine systems, creating a comprehensive and easily accessed medical chart Used by healthcare practitioners who appreciate technology If you want to be at the forefront of auscultation innovation and provide the highest standard of patient care, you must hear more about our devices An indispensable tool for medical researchers Researchers all over the world can benefit greatly from the superior performance of our auscultation devices. Utilizing our cloud system, they enable analysis and collaboration beyond the scope of human imagination. WWW.EXAMPLE.WEB 6

USAGE ENJOY REMOTE MONITORING AND TRACKING OF YOUR PATIENTS’ BODY SOUNDS WITH WIZEMED’S TELEMEDICINE PLATFORM. The telemedicine platform includes the Wize Stethoscope and connected devices including: • Otoscope • Pulse Oximeter • IR thermometer • ECG • Blood pressure measuring device. Optional additions can include: • Weight scale • Spirometer • Ultrasound • Blood glucose monitor. All devices can be wirelessly deployed to assess patients at any point of care. The platform’s station connects vitals, diagnostic, and lab devices with live notes, real-time consults, high definition (HD) photos for visual exams and a complete EMR report both in the facility and remotely. Robotics technologies within the telemedicine platform enable AI-based testing and diagnostics with NO NEED FOR HUMAN INTERVENTION! In fact, WizeMed continues to research and develop advanced robotics capabilities that will potentially perform testing and diagnostic processes, making medical practices infinitely more efficient. DID YOU HEAR THAT? For data caption, transfer and cloud-based storage, analysis and sharing, that’s tremendous! HIPAA-secure data transfer and cloudbased electronic medical record (EMR) Application store Access for developers Advanced diagnostic algorithms Sharing for research 7

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